Backup (disambiguation)

Backup (disambiguation)

The term backup has several meanings.

* In reference to information technology:
** Backup - The concepts behind backing up data to enable recovery from data loss.
** Backup software - The software that performs this function.
** List of backup software - Specific software packages, loosely categorized.
** Backup site - Part of a disaster recovery plan.

* In reference to electrical power facilities:
** Battery backup - The use of batteries to contiune operation of electrical devices in the absence of utility electric power.
** Backup battery - Similar to above.
** Backup generator - The use of a generator to achieve a similar purpose.

* In reference to music:
** Backup band - A band who plays music in support of a lead musician.
** Backing vocalist - One who sings in harmony with a "lead vocalist."
** "Back Up (song)" - A song by girl group Danity Kane from their debut album "Danity Kane."

* In reference to motor vehicles:
** Backup camera - A camera on the rear of a vehicle, used while moving backwards.
** Backup accident - A type of car accident.
** Traffic backup - A traffic jam.
** Backing up - Driving a vehicle in reverse gear

* In reference to television:
** "Backup (TV series)" - A BBC series about a police Operational Support Unit.

* In reference to tactics:
** Backup (tactical) - A military or police contingent dispatched to be ready to provide additional support to the primary force in an engagement

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