Sidney Fernbach Award

Sidney Fernbach Award

The Sidney Fernbach Award is an award given to an individual for an outstanding contribution in the application of high performance computers using innovative approaches. The winner receives a certificate and US$2,000.

Sid Fernbach, by training a physicist, was the Division Chief at LLNL responsible for Computation.


*David E Keyes, 2007. "For his outstanding contributions to the development of scalable numerical algorithms for the solution of nonlinear partial differential equations and exceptional leadership in high-performance computation."
*Edward Seidel, 2006. "For outstanding contributions to the development of software for HPC and Grid computing to enable the collaborative numerical investigation of complex problems in physics; in particular, modeling black hole collisions."
*John B. Bell, 2005. "For outstanding contributions to the development of numerical algorithms, mathematical, and computational tools and on the application of those methods to conduct leading-edge scientific investigations in combustion, fluid dynamics, and condensed matter."
*Marsha Berger, 2004. "For her many contributions, and enormous, influence to computational fluid dynamics including adaptive mesh refinement methods, Cartesian grid methods, and practical mathematical algorithms for solving significantly heretofore intractable problems."
*Jack J. Dongarra, 2003. "For outstanding and sustained contributions to the area of mathematical software, most particularly in the areas of communication and numerical libraries and performance benchmarks for high performance computing."
*Robert Harrison, 2002. "For developing a computational chemistry software package for applications development, by integrating fundamental algorithm research, novel ideas in computer science, and scalability, while delivering unprecedented modeling capabilities for chemistry applications."
*Stephen W. Attaway, 2000. "For pioneering advances in methods for modeling transient dynamics phenomena, enabling simulations of unprecedented scale and fidelity."
*Michael L. Norman, 1999. "For his leading edge research in applying parallel computing to challenge grand problems in astrophysics and cosmology."
*Phillip Collela, 1998. "For fundamental contributions to the development of software methodologies used to solve numerical partial differential equations, and their application to substantially expand our understanding of shock physics and other fluid dynamics problem."
*Charbel Farhat, 1997. "For outstanding contributions to the development of parallel numerical algorithms and parallel software packages that have helped the mechanical engineering world to embrace parallel processing technology."
*Gary A. Glatzmaier, 1996. "For innovative computational numerical methods to perform the first realistic computer simulations of the Earth's geodynamo and its resultant time-dependent magnetic field."
*Paul R. Woodward, 1995. "For your work in developing new algorithmic techniques in fluid dynamics, & your relentless & innovative pursuit of the hardware & software capabilities to carry out & visualize in real time the largest turbulence simulations."
*Charles S. Peskin, 1994. "For innovative application of mathematical modeling methods to important practical research questions in blood flow and the heart that has for more than 15 years pushed forward the leading edge of computational capability and helped to develop supercomputing technology as a valuable tool for improving the quality of human life."
*David H. Bailey, 1993. "For contributions to numerical computational science including innovative algorithms for FFT's, matrix multiply and multiple precision arithmetic on vector computer architecture."

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