Ravi River

Ravi River

The Ravi River ( _sa. रवि, _pa. ਰਾਵੀ, _ur. راوی) is a river in Pakistan and India. It is one of the five rivers which give Punjab its name. The Ravi was known as "translit-Sanskrit2|Parushani" or "translit-Sanskrit2|Iravati" to Indians in Vedic times and "translit-Ancient Greek2|Hydraotes" to the Ancient Greeks. It originates in the Himalayas in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh following a north-westerly course. It turns to the south-west, near Dalhousie, and then cuts a gorge in the Dhaola Dhar range entering the Punjab plain near Madhopur. It then flows along the Indo-Pak border for some distance before entering Pakistan and joining the Chenab river. The total length of the river is about 720 km. The waters of the Ravi river are allocated to India under the Indus Waters Treaty between India and Pakistan and the resulting Indus Basin Project. It is also called 'The river of Lahore' since that great city is located on its eastern bank. On its western bank is located the famous town of Shahdara with the tomb of Jahangir and the Tomb of Noor Jahan.

Rig Veda

Part of the battle of the ten kings was fought on the Parushani river, which according to Yaska (nirukta 9.26) refers to the Iravati river (Ravi River) in the Punjab. Macdonell and Keith write that "the name [Parusni] is certainly that of the river later called Ravi (Iravati)". [Macdonell and Keith, Vedic Index, 1912]


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