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Perfect World

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title = Perfect World

developer = Beijing Perfect World
publisher = [ Games-Masters Ltd.]
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released = Q3/2008
genre = Fantasy MMORPG
modes = MMO
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platforms = Windows
media = Download, CD, DVD
requirements = Minimum
800 MHz Pentium 3 CPU 256M RAM 32mb 3D Accelerator graphics card(GF2 series or VGA with similar grade) DirectX 9.0c 2.5 GB hard disk space Internet Connection

1.5 GHz Pentium 4 CPU 512M RAM 128mb 3D Accelerator graphics card DirectX 9.0c 2.5 GB hard disk space Internet Connection
input = Keyboard, Mouse

"Perfect World" (Chinese: 完美世界, commonly abbreviated as PW and W2), is an MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World. It has been released in several different areas in different versions already. The Malaysian version has now released their English version of Perfect World to all countries. Perfect World International , the official English version of the game, opened its teaser site on July 15th, 2008, and launched its closed beta August 19th, 2008. The open beta began on September 2nd, 2008. The International Version is specifically built to accommodate North America, Europe, and other English-spoken territories, and has been localized in standard English. In addition, the Multilanguage-Version is being prepared and will be available in the 3rd Quarter 2008. Perfect World Korea is currently still under development.


Perfect World is a 3D MMORPG that is heavily based on Chinese mythology, and is set in the world of Pangu.

The World

Perfect World centers on flight, and has many floating structures and areas. The game shifts from night to day and sunny to rainy season on a regular cycle, changing the view of each area with time for realism.

Races and Classes


Fah Shih (Magician (MG) or Wizards)specialize in fire, water, and earth magic spells and crafts. Their greatest asset is their intelligence which allows them to deal power magical damage, but they are weak when it comes to physical damage. Like the other two magic-type classes of Perfect World, a mage is vulnerable to any creature or player that comes within melee range (EA being the exception, having ranged physical attacks) before the mage can deal enough damage to kill it. Mages are among the least favored class in the game. This is because mages are hard to use in the beginning of the game and can subsequently become tedious to advance. Mages are known as "late bloomers", however, and can become extremely powerful in the end game.

Wu Xia (Warrior (WR) or Blade Masters)Fastest sword, spear, fist, and axe wielders, warriors specialize in melee combat. Their greatest asset is their high hit-points and strong melee attacks. They are weak to magic attacks but they can protect themselves by using light armors. Human Warriors are the game's best pure-tank character, next to the WereBeast.

Human Classes fly on magic swords, which become first available at level 30.

Wingkind/Winged Elves

Yu Mang (Elf Archer (EA) or just Archer)utilize powerful and quick ranged attacks to their advantage. Combining powerful skills like fa shi and their long range can be fatal. They wield bow, crossbow, and sling; damage depends on agility. Their weakness is that the player has to distribute agility and strength to have a good armor, and the subsequent small constitution attribute makes them vulnerable to both magic and physical damage. Their motto is simply "kill it before it reaches you." Their damage can be unstable as sometimes criticals occur randomly. Due to having to dump ability points mostly into agility (with strength being second to that and intelligence and constitution a toss-up for third), the Elf Archer is limited by its strength and intelligence as to what armor it can wear. A typical EA wears the middle armor set, based on agility, which tries to balance physical and magical defense.

Yu Ling (Elf Cleric (EP) or just Cleric)specialize in buff and healing skills, wield metal elemental attacks and a ranged physical wing attack which make its attack skill both physical and magical. They have good physical and magical defense due to their buffs and can also cast curses. However, since they are predominantly a magic-type (where the user will want to dump the most points into intelligence), they are mostly limited to high elemental defense, low physical defense armor. Without their buffs, Elf Priests are highly vulnerable to physical attack. In addition, being hit physically runs the risk of interrupting any attempt on the part of the EP to cast offensive or defensive magic.

Winged Elf classes fly from the start, however flying and engaging in aerial combat consumes MP. Since Clerics get a MP recovery rate boost, this does not affect their mana unless they are in combat. At level 30 they receive a pair of wings which do not consume MP.


Ye Shou (WereBeast(WB)or Barbarian(Gender limitation: male))Are the best tankers in the game. Wielding axes and hammers, they have hp buffs (that's why they have vast amount of hp and useful knockback skills). Although they are slow moving, they can transform into a white tiger which makes them faster. They are also the best catapult holder in the game.

Yao Jing (WereFox (WF) or Venomancer(Gender limitation: female))have the ability to cast powerful wood, water, and fire elemental attacks, some of which immobilize the enemy or lower the enemy's physical defense. In addition, the WereFox is the only class in Perfect World that can tame and use battle pets (while all characters can have a pet, only the WF can have one fight with/for it). Their major advantage is their pet, which they can use to aggro, lure, and tank enemies many levels above them. The WereFox can also be considered the richest class because they can tame pets which they can then sell to other players or to NPC shops. Their disadvantage: like all magic-type characters in Perfect World, the WereFox is weak against physical attacks and any physical attack runs the risk of spell interruption. Any PK (Player Killer) knows when facing a WereFox to ignore the pet since once the master is dead, the pet goes with it. Fighting against monsters, the WereFox also runs the risk of the monster changing targets and ignoring the pet to attack the player. Despite this, the WereFox (and its pet) makes for a good balance between a damage-over-time caster and tank.

Beast Kind classes fly on animals, which they receive at level 30.

Game Features

Territorial Battles

Territory wars allow your guild to take over the server one area at a time. When taking over an area, it has to be owned by the environment or another guild. When trying to take the area from another guild you will have to partake in battles up to 90vs.90. Territory battles are very similar to DotA in that there are two bases and two guilds. When you want to take over an area, your guild will have to bid on the area, the two guilds with the highest bid will fight over it.

Mount System

The Mount system of Perfect World is vast and diverse.Or|date=September 2008 Available mounts common to all servers are regular horses, leopards, raptors, elephants and rare mounts obtained through the DSQ (Dragon Seeker Quest).

Personalized Clothing

Players have the ability to more fully express themselves through their in-game characters by customizing clothing, and creating fully personalized objects. These items can be bought from the item mall or from other players.

Guild/Clan System

Guilds enable chat between members, creation of guild emblems(16x16 jpeg or gif files), guild versus guild battles, control of existing cities, and city creation.

Members can also be assigned certain jobs within the guild structure. Guild Masters can create and alter rules and slogans of the guild, member ranks, and dismiss or invite members. The Vice Guild Master can do the same things.

Crafting System

Players can select and raise four different crafting skills. Blacksmithing (creates weapons), Tailoring (creates armor), Jewelry (creates various jewelry and arrows), and Pharmacist (creates potions and hierograms). Players will need materials for items they need to make. Crafted items will have the player's name adorned on them for the purpose of credit.

Marriage System

Like many other MMORPGs, Perfect World has a complete marriage system. Both players will have an online notice, have a wife/husband title, have 2 special marriage-related skills, lover's clothes, and driving pets. Marriage requires an item from the Cash Shop which is worth around $30 in Perfect World item shop currency (Cubi-Gold)

Phone Lock

As a prevention system against account hackers, Perfect World has a Phone Lock feature [cite web|url=|title=Perfect World Taiwan Phone Lock Website] for those who wish to use it. The Phone Lock, when activated, will freeze an account until the player of that account dials in using the registered phone number. Once the number is recognized, the account is temporarily activated for login. The player must login within 10 minutes of activation before the account login is frozen again. The player may continue to play despite the freeze. If the player logs out after the 10 minutes is up, that player must once again dial in to temporarily deactivate the Phone Lock.

Major Events

Horse Racing

Players level 40 and above can participate in this event, and a mount is not required. However, you are unable to fly. The course of the race is spread over a large variety of terrain. The winner will receive a medal that allows them to continue other quests. The consolation prize is a speed badge which can be sold to other players or exchanged for sp. [cite web|url=|title=Perfect World Events from Perfect World Taiwan]

Treasure Hunts

All players are able to participate in this event; there are four different locations where this event can take place. Players who wish to participate will need to enter the major cities' battle dome (arena) and open up the treasure chest. Each chest can only be opened by one player and the player who does so is vulnerable to attacks. Surprises are released when a chest is opened. For example, an ancient monster might appear, or just a few potions.

Forest Hunts/Jungle Ruins

Participants are transported into jungle ruins containing invincible monsters. Players are required to run from room to room, avoiding the monsters, which can kill players with one hit. The objective is to make it to the last room as quickly as possible. Player who succeeded to do so will be rewarded a great amount of exp and sp. There is a time limit of 3 hours. As time passes the exp and sp value of the reward will decrease. There is no penalty for death. Perfect world has recently stopped the Forest Hunts and Jungle Ruins expeditions. Due to many players finding a way to increase their chances of winning, they have been taken out of the game.

Perfect World Radio

Perfect World has its own radio station [cite web|url=|title=Perfect World China Radio Website] . Players are able to request music from the Perfect World Radio website. The DJs act as a Gamemaster in the game, holding events on different servers and giving out prizes to the winners. Currently not available for most servers.


*Perfect World has its own theme song, however versions of the song differ on each client. The song is played while in the log in screen and in selected areas in-game.

*Perfect World China, Korea, Vietnam: "Fly with Me" by Shui Mu Nian Hua.

*Perfect World Malaysia, US/UK: "Perfect World" by Henley.

*Perfect World Philippines: "Perfect World (Fly with Me)" by Toni Gonzaga.

*Perfect World Taiwan: "Wan Mei Shi Jie" by Yang Pei An.


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Official Websites

* [ "Perfect World International-Official English"] — Official North American Perfect World Website (English)
* [ "Perfect World Multilanguage Service"] — Official European Perfect World Website (Spanish, Turkish, German, French and English)
* [ ""] — Official Fansite In English
* [ "Perfect World Fansite"] — English Fansite

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