Abderite Theatre Company

Abderite Theatre Company

The Abderite Theatre Company is the only theatre company based in Aberdeen in Scotland. The company was established on 1 April 2005, and is directed by Ewan Cameron and Rhona Mitchell.

Company aims

Abderite aims to create imaginative and innovative new theatre work for all ages. Based in Aberdeen, it recognises the need for more professional theatre work to be produced in the North East. Abderite seeks to help the audience see theatre in a new light. It uses text, animated performance styles and inventive design to create environments that tell imaginative and intriguing stories. Abderite believes in introducing young people to theatre and works with schools and community groups on exciting participatory projects thereby expanding access to the performing arts across North East Scotland.

The Company is dedicated to:
*developing and producing professional high quality theatre projects for children, young people and adults
*increasing access to the professional performing arts
*inspiring young people to create, perform and fulfil their own aspirations artistically, culturally and socially.


Ewan Cameron, Creative Director
Ewan studied Contemporary Theatre Practice at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music Drama. After graduating he set up Abderite Productions - a theatre company originally based in Glasgow, now in Aberdeen. Outside Abderite, he has worked with some of the UK's leading theatre companies and works as a tutor and director at Mitchell School of Drama (MSD) and HM Youth Theatre. He has run National Theatre of Scotland workshops at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival.

Rhona Mitchell, Director
Rhona founded the Mitchell School of Drama (MSD) in Inverurie in 1983. She has worked professionally on radio and stage for 25 years. A freelance voice coach, drama tutor and director since 1982, working at Scottish Television, BBC Scotland and many theatres across Scotland. She directed 'Gobi's Eyes' for Abderite in 2004, and 'Ouch' in 2005 and produced the first Garioch Theatre Festival in April 2005.


Abderite produces work for schools as well as stand-alone theatre:
*"Smoking the Bar", The Tron, Glasgow - April 2003
*"Gobi's Eyes", The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen - 2004
*"Spik Nae Evil" - 2005/6
*"Ouch", The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen - 2005
*"Gertrude's Son", The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen - June 2006
*"The Secret Diary of Mary Queens of Scots" - 2006/7
*"I Only Want to Help You, Lassie" work-in-progress - 2007
*"Bogies, Brains and Bile" - 2009

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* [http://www.abderite.co.uk Abderite's website]

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