Receiving Transmission

Receiving Transmission

Receiving Transmission is the second and final album released by Australian punk rock band One Dollar Short in 2004. It was produced by Phil McKellar, who has produced albums for bands such as Grinspoon and Frenzal Rhomb, and was marketed and distributed by Festival Mushroom Records.

The release featured a bonus CD that contains B-Sides from One Dollar Short's 10 Years single, "Press and Hold" EP, Keepsake single, Board Game single and Is This the Part single.

While their debut album "Eight Days Away" was a top ten success, "Receiving Transmission" failed to reach the ARIAnet Top 40, and the band has since disappeared from view, claiming to be on indefinite hiatus.

Track listing

::1. Some Assembly Required (released as single)

::2. Mayakovsky Had a Gun

::3. Headlights

::4. Seven Colours

::5. Note to Self...

::6. Broken/Fixed

::7. Taste of Romance

::8. Astronaut's Journal

::9. Engines Failed

::10. Goodbye (Is Not Enough)

::11. We Are Not Science

Bonus B-sides disc

::1. Intro::2. Silverspoons::3. Here I Am::4. Keepsake::5. Tim's Brother::6. Friend::7. Not Pretty Enough (cover of song by Kasey Chambers).::8. After the Fire::9. Starry Night::10. A Measure of Stride::11. Robot

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