Anchor (disambiguation)

Anchor (disambiguation)

An anchor is a device that attaches to the sea bottom to prevent a boat from drifting. Anchor may also refer to:


* Sea anchor, a device used to slow the drift of a ship, when the vessel cannot anchor to the bottom
* Anchor (climbing), a device used in climbing
* Screw anchor, a device for fastening screws in a brittle material
* Wedge anchor, used to fasten a fixture to a solid material such as concrete
* Anchor bolt, used to attach objects or structures to concrete.
* Microdermal anchor, body modification


* Anchor Books, an imprint of Random House
* Anchor Brewing Company and its subsidiary, Anchor Distilling Co., an American alcoholic beverage producer
* Anchor Hocking Glass Company
* Anchor (brand), dairy products from New Zealand company Fonterra, also known as Fernleaf
* Anchor Records, a record label
* Anchor Stone Blocks, a brand of German stone blocks


* Anchor, Illinois
* Anchor, Shropshire, a village in England
* Anchor Island, is an island in the Southland district of New Zealand.
* Anchor Island, part of the Duke of York Archipelago, Canada
* Anchor Trust housing and care provider for older people, UK.

Human mind and behavior

* Anchoring, in psychology, sticking to a given reference point
* Anchoring (NLP), in neuro-linguistic programming, the process by which memory recall, state change or other responses become associated with (anchored to) some stimulus


* Anchormen and anchor women, a colloquial term for news presenters
** , a 2004 comedy film
* "Anchor" (album) (1999), by Trespassers William
* Anchor store, a main tenant in a shopping mall
* Anchor (relay), the competitor of the last leg in a relay race
* HTML anchor, the destination of a Web hyperlink, specified by the HTML element
* Plot anchor or plot hook, a type of story-line plot device or plot generator
* Anchor baby, a pejorative term used to refer to a child born in the United States to illegal immigrants or other non-citizens
* Anchor Exchange an underground bunker

ee also

* Anchorage (disambiguation)

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