Lambda Theta Phi

Lambda Theta Phi

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Lambda Theta Phi (also Lambdas) was founded on December 1, 1975 at Kean College in Union, New Jersey. Lambda Theta Phi is a non-profit social and Service fraternity emphasizing Latin unity and the celebration of the Latin culture.

In 1992 Lambda Theta Phi was accepted into the North-American Interfraternity Conference. In 1994, with the release of The History of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, Inc., the fraternity published a historical account about its organization.

Lambda Theta Phi has also received commendations from the American Red Cross for its fundraising efforts on behalf of victims of earthquakes in Italy and Mexico, mud-slides in Puerto Rico, volcanic eruptions in Colombia, the homeless in the United States and Hurricanes in Florida. Lambda Theta Phi has also received commendations from the Division of Youth and Family Services, various other community service organizations as well as proclamations, resolutions and commendations from Congress and other State Legislatures.

Although Lambda Theta Phi is Latino by tradition, membership is open to all college males.

Since its founding, the organization has expanded across the United States. The organization strives to make an impact on not just undergraduate students, but also their surrounding community at large through positive social actions. Lambda Theta Phi's goals are to promote scholarship, Latin unity, respect for all cultures and brotherhood.



In 1975, the organization's founders realized there was a need to unite the Latino students, develop their leadership skills, impart upon them the value of an education, and instill in them a commitment to their community and culture. The traditional student club would not suffice to accomplish such lofty goals. Hence, Latino unity and brotherhood would be achieved through a long recognized institution – the fraternity. This newest addition to the Greek system, by identity and by name was Lambda Theta Phi, the first latin fraternity in the nation. Since 1975 they have continued to solidify themselves as the hardest pledging fraternity.

The ideals of this brotherhood are the following: Academic Excellence; Brotherhood; Leadership; Latino Unity; Pride; and Service.

At the undergraduate level, the brothers are active within the Fraternity and in other student organizations. Lambda Theta Phi promotes gender neutral friendliness and aspire to unite and empower the Latino community. The brothers perform community service, promote their culture by sponsoring events which highlight and celebrate their heritage, participate in educational workshops, and enjoy many social programs. As a result of their active participation in every aspect of college life, the undergraduate members are developing their organizational, communication, and leadership skills, all while pursuing their diploma. The younger members are receiving the training and competence to serve as the future leaders of the brotherhood, community, and nation.

Since it's founding, Lambda Theta Phi has established chapters in almost every region of the country at both the undergraduate and professional levels. The brotherhood continues to provide the necessary skills and resources for the advancement and empowerment of Latino people and for the betterment of this nation.

Fraternal Fathers

Cayetano Socarrás and José Quiles are the Fraternal Fathers of Lambda Theta Phi.

In response to the title, José Quiles has stated, "I always felt I was a father of the Fraternity in the sense of being a technical resource, because a lot of the internal development was carried out by the Founding Fathers themselves." Founding Father Agustín García concurs: "These two men fathered the brothers. A father teaches and these two men had taught." The creation of Lambda Theta Phi was a learning process, and the two Fraternal Fathers were instrumental.

With numerous decisions to be made and strategies outlined, the brothers received guidance from two members of the Kean College faculty/administration. Specifically, Dr. Cayetano J. Socarrás, who passed away on January 24, 1994 and José Quiles, recognized within the brotherhood as the Fraternal Fathers of Lambda Theta Phi. Each of these men provided support, mentorship, and guidance to the Founding Fathers and have continued to do so as the Fraternity has developed. Their devotion to the ideals and brothers of Lambda Theta Phi extends far beyond what can be captured in a website.


*Dr. Cayetano J. Socarrás (1922-1994) Fraternal Father Dr. Cayetano J. Socarrás provided most of the assistance in developing a truly “Latino” identity for the Fraternity. Knowledgeable in the art of heraldry (crest design), Fraternal Father Socarrás guided the brothers in designing the original shield in 1976. As Fraternal Father Socarrás focused on the symbolic aspects of the brotherhood, Fraternal Father José Quiles assisted with the organizational components, including the structure and administration of the Fraternity.

*Jose A. Quiles Fraternal Father José Quiles Experienced with and knowledge of fraternities and the Greek system in general, Fraternal Father José Quiles assisted the Founding Fathers to ensure the newly founded fraternity would fit into the Greek system on campus. Fraternal Father Quiles has often described his role in the Fraternity as a “technical resource” and continues to be a valuable asset to the brotherhood.

Founding Fathers

From September to November 1975, a group of students, from which would eventually emerge the Founding Fathers of Lambda Theta Phi, met to find the solution to uniting the different Latino groups on campus.

These meetings were initiated by Founding Father García, who had already spearheaded an important breakthrough for Latino students by becoming the first Latino elected to the Kean College student government. The major topics of discussion at these meetings were the need to become politically conscious and active as Latino students and the unification of all Latinos, since at the time "Latin Unity" was not common among students of different Latino national origins.

At a meeting on November 11, 1975, Founding Father García proposed the idea of founding a fraternity. Having become familiar with the workings of the college administration and student government he recognized that a fraternity could promote Latin unity through brotherhood. He also understood that fraternities were an organizational structure that college administrators acknowledged and one with which they were accustomed. Lambda Theta Phi was founded as a Latin Fraternity, which was specifically stated in its original constitution,

*Wilfredo Ayes
*Hiram Cardona
*Rafael Crespo
*David Diaz
*Agustin Garcia
*Enrique Garcia
*Jose Ginarte
*Juan Hernandez
*Rinaldo Lago
*Luis Miranda I
*Henry Munoz
*Walter Pardo-Villa
*Raul Roger
*Raymond Rosa

Milestones and Awards

Over the years, the Fraternity has achieved many milestones in light of the contributions of other notable Lambdas. Among these milestones was being accepted into the National Interfraternity Conference (NIC), the association composed of all national college fraternities of the United States and CanadaCitation
first = Jesus A. | last = Peña, Esq
author-link = Jesus A. Peña, Esq
title = The History of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Incorporated
place = USA
year = 1994
doi = Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 94-90128
isbn = 3540626293X
.The process to gain acceptance into the NIC began under former National President Carlos Rivera and was completed in May 1992 under former National President Arcelio Aponte. This major accomplishment was due, in great part, to the efforts of former National President Jesus A. Peña, Esq. and Brother Sham Bacchus.

In 1994, another important moment in the history of the Fraternity occurred with the publication of The History of Lambda Theta Phi. Authored by former National President Jesus A. Peña, Esq., and now in its second edition, this book serves as the authoritative text on the history of Lambda Theta Phi. Citation
first = Jesus A. | last = Peña, Esq
author-link = Jesus A. Peña, Esq
title = The History of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Incorporated
place = USA
year = 1994
doi = Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 94-90128
.In 1995, during the presidency of Brother Reinaldo Cortés, the first national Lambda Theta Phi website went online. Since then various undergraduate and alumni chapters and sectors have posted sites.

In 1998 the establishment of the Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Educational Foundation. This entity would be separate and distinct from the Fraternity. On July 26, 1998, former National Presidents Jesus A. Peña, Esq. and Jorge Díaz established the Foundation. These two brothers wrote the Foundation’s initial constitution and set forth its purpose: “…to raise funds in order to award scholarships/grants to Latino high school and college students, including Lambda Theta Phi brothers, for their leadership and educational development.” The Foundation is recognized by the NIC and Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) entity. Through the years, Founding Father Agustín García has served as the Foundation’s Chairman.

In 2004, Lambda Theta Phi became a member of the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) under the leadership of former National President Jorge Díaz. Lambda Theta Phi has taken an active role as a member of the Latino Greek Letter Organization (LGLO) community.


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