Feeder (disambiguation)

Feeder (disambiguation)

Feeder may refer to:

*Feeder (band), the Welsh rock group
*Feeder (fetish), someone who gains sexual pleasure from helping another gain weight
*Feeder, a regional term for frontage road, or other small road eventually delivering traffic to a larger one
*Feeder, a term for an electric power line coming from an electrical substation, meant to distribute power transformed to voltage values suitable for local distribution
*Feeder, a term for a small regional air carrier which operate from small towns and rural strips to larger, usually, hub airports for larger airlines. They may be independent contractors or wholly owned subsidiaries of the larger airline.
*Feeder trains, a term for collecting passengers by train to the hub airports for larger airlines. Also known as Rail Fly.
*Feeder ship, a term for small to medium container ships which provide the collecting and distribution of containers from/to smaller ports to/from the big hub-ports connected to the worldwide container lines.
*Feeder, a key machine used in construction paper creation
*Feeder cable, a type of power cable using Camlok connectors
*Feeder buses, in Japan and Singapore and elsewhere shuttle passengers to and from a railway station (the terminus), and does not provide an alternate service as many buses do in North America.
*Feeder, a software application for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds on Mac OS X.
*RF feeders, RF cables usually carrying higher power levels.
*Live pet food
*Feeder Reservoir a reservoir used to store water to be fed into a canal as needed to maintain the level.

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