The Borderland Series

The Borderland Series

"Borderland" is a series of urban fantasy novels and stories created for teenage readers by Terri Windling. The series is set in Bordertown, a dystopian metropolis that lies along the border between "the Elflands" and "The World". The series consists of four anthologies and three novels to date. The series has spawned fan groups, gaming groups, costumed events (such as the [ Borderzone] parties in Los Angeles), and was discussed in "The Fence and the River: Culture and Politics at the US-Mexico Border" by Claire F. Fox.

Borderland is the name of the shared universe created by Terri Windling, and to a fictional place within that universe. The premise of the Borderland books is that at some point in the near future, the "Elflands", the realm of magic populated by post-Tolkien elves, "returns" to the world, and is placed in juxtaposition with "The World."

The region of this juxtaposition (which seems at times to be New York and at other times to be geographically underspecified) is called the "Borderland" or "Borderlands." The dystopian metropolis that lies along the Border, which combines urban fantasy of various forms with a vaguely post-apocalyptic atmosphere, is "Bordertown" or "B-Town." In the liminal environment of Bordertown and its environs, neither magic nor technology functions "normally," and unpredictable combinations of the two may emerge.

The Borderlands series, created for teenage readers, focuses primarily but not exclusively on the disenfranchised youth culture of Bordertown, as manifest in gang violence, race relations and miscegenation, impromptu forms of social organization, class conflict, generation gaps, and literary criticism. The music of the 1980s is a significant influence.

The Borderland Series

*"Borderland", edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold (1986)
**Farrel Din: "Introduction"
**Steve Boyett: "Prodigy"
**Bellamy Bach: "Gray"
**Charles de Lint: "Stick"
**Ellen Kushner: "Charis"

*"Bordertown", edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold (1986)
**Farrel Din: "Introduction"
**Emma Bull & Will Shetterly: "Danceland"
**Midori Snyder: "Demon"
**Bellamy Bach: "Exile"
**Ellen Kushner & Bellamy Bach: "Mockery"

*"Life on the Border", edited by Terri Windling (1991)
**Will Shetterly: "Nevernever"
**Ellen Kushner: "Lost in the Mail" (II)
**Kara Dalkey: "Nightwail"
**Ellen Kushner: "Lost in the Mail" (III)
**Midori Snyder: "Alison Gross"
**Ellen Kushner: "Lost in the Mail" (IV)
**Charles de Lint: "Berlin"
**Ellen Kushner: "Lost in the Mail" (V)
**Michael Korolenko: "Reynardine"
**Ellen Kushner: "Lost in the Mail" (VI)
**Craig Shaw Gardner: "Light and Shadow"
**Ellen Kushner: "Lost in the Mail" (VII)
**Bellamy Bach: "Rain and Thunder"
**Emma Bull: "For It All" (lyrics)
**Ellen Kushner: "Lost in the Mail" (VIII-IX)

*"The Essential Bordertown: A Traveller's Guide to the Edge of Faerie", edited by Terri Windling and Delia Sherman (1998)
**Terri Windling: "Introduction"
**Terri Windling: "How to Get There #1: From the World to the Border"
**Patricia A. McKillip: "Oak Hill"
**Terri Windling: "How to Get There #2: The Path from the True and Only Realm to the False Lands and The City of Illusion (Translation for Humans: How to Get from Elfland to Bordertown)"
**Midori Snyder: "Dragon Child"
**Terri Windling: "First Things First: So You Need a Place to Stay"
**Delia Sherman: "Socks"
**Terri Windling: "The Gangs: And Life's Other Little Annoyances"
**Donnard Sturgis: "Half Life"
**Terri Windling and Teresa Nielsen Hayden: "What to Eat: A Tasteful Guide to Border Cuisine"
**Ellen Kushner: "Hot Water: A Bordertown Romance"
**Terri Windling and Teresa Nielsen Hayden: "The Music Scene: What's Up and What Ain't"
**Michael Korolenko: "Arcadia"
**Terri Windling: "Nightlife: Where to Find It"
**Elisabeth Kushner: "Changeling"
**Terri Windling: "So You Want to Be a Star: Get Real"
**Charles de Lint: "May This Be Your Last Sorrow"
**Terri Windling: "Uptown: How the Other Half Lives"
**Caroline Stevermer: "Rag"
**Terri Windling and Teresa Nielsen Hayden: "The Peculiar Joy of Cooking on the Border"
**Steven Brust: "When the Bow Breaks"
**Terri Windling and Mimi Panitch: "Culture Clash #1: A Human Guide to Elvin Etiquette"
**Ellen Steiber: "Argentine"
**Terri Windling: "Culture Clash #2: A Trueblood Guide to Human Peccadillos"
**Micole Sudberg: "Cover Up My Tracks with Rain"
**Terri Windling: "Famous Last Words"
**Felicity Savage: "How Shannaro Tolkinson Lost and Found His Heart"


*"Elsewhere", Will Shetterly (1991)
*"Nevernever", Will Shetterly (1993)
*"Finder", Emma Bull (1994)

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