Pennsylvania class cruiser

Pennsylvania class cruiser

The "Pennsylvania" class of six armored cruisers were built by the United States Navy between 1901 and 1908. All six were later renamed for cities, to make the state names available for new battleships. All of them served during World War I, with the "California" (then "San Diego") being the only ship of its class to be lost. The remaining five armored cruisers were scrapped between 1930 and 1931 in accordance with the London Naval Treaty.

hips of the class

In order of construction:
*, became "Pittsburgh" (CA-4)
*, became "Huntington" (CA-5)
*, became "San Diego" (CA-6)
*, became "Pueblo" (CA-7)
*, became "Frederick" (CA-8)
*, became "Huron" (CA-9)

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* [ "Pennsylvania"-Class armored cruisers]
* [ US Cruisers List: Armored Cruisers (Pre-1920 ACR Series)]

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