caption=Introduced in 2000, the Arricam ST (top) and LT (bottom) represent Arri's flagship cameras.
models=Studio (ST), Lite (LT)
introduced=2000 (ST and LT)
gauge=35 mm
weight="ST" 8.15 kg/17.95 lbs (body with finder); "LT" 4 kg/8.8 lbs (body), 5.25 kg/11.56 (body with finder)
movement=Five link with dual registration pins and pulldown claws, 3 or 4-perf pulldown, pitch adjustment
speed="ST" 1-60 frames per second (forward) and 1-32 frames per second (reverse) "LT" 1-40 frames per second (forward) and 1-32 frames per second (reverse - ST mags needed). Both models crystal accurate to 0.001 frame/s.
aperturesize=full range available
apertureplate=removable, includes gel holder
motor=DC with quartz crystal control, separate electronically linked motors for shutter and movement
operatingnoiselevel="ST" <20 dB "LT" <24 dB at 4-perf.
indicators=speed, run, counter (ft or m), shutter angle, time code (user bit and sensitivity level), voltage, incorrect movement, asynchronous speed, low battery, film end, heater, film jam, loose magazine
lensmount=Arri PL (Super 35 compatible)
lenscontrol=Arri-style follow focus. Integrated Lens Data System (LDS) and Lens Control System (LCS).
shutter=electronic reflex mirror; Can adjusted between 0° and 180° while in standby; rampable between 11.2° and 180° while running. Fully adjustable within 0.1° increments.
viewfinder=Studio, Lite, Studio Universal, and Lite Universal. All cover Super 35, rotates 360° and to left or right of camera with upright image continuously, can be used with either eye. Manual image adjustment and contrast viewing filter standard on all. Studio Universal and Lite Universal have anamorphic switch available. Standard 80/20 beamsplitter, but entire viewfinder and beamsplitter can be replaced with 100% video tap for Steadicam or remote rigging. Heated eyepiece and eyepiece extenders also available.
videoassist=Arricam Integrated Video System (IVS) standard; color, flicker-free, video iris, gain, frame lines, lens data (with LDS system), color temperature, freeze and compare
groundglass=interchangeable, includes Arriglow.
magazines="Lite" only rear-mounted, available in 400 ft (122 m) shoulder and convert|400|ft|m|abbr=on Steadicam sizes. convert|400|ft|m|abbr=on and 1000 ft (300 m) Studio mags can be used with an adapter. All have torque motors and include manual and LCD footage counters.
magazinetype=active displacement mags; takes up emulsion in (9P design).
filmcores=standard cores
matteboxes=Arriflex MB or LMB models, 15 or 19 mm rods
electronicaccessories=24 V and 12 V ports, with combined 7 A maximum load; shutter timing shift box (TSB), handcrank extension (HC), external display (EXD), zoom control (ZMU), wireless remote system (WRS), wireless remote control (WRC), remote control unit (RCU), universal motor controller (UMC), lens data archive (LDA), heated eyepiece (HE), lens data mount (LDM), integrated video system (IVS), Varicon flashing unit, Arrimotion data box, external sync unit (ESU), cine tape measure, accessory power box (APB), remote switch (RS), onboard video monitor, functional expansion module (FEM), motion control interface (MCI), CHS module for 130+ frame/s, lens data display (LDD), work light
opticalaccessories=shift and tilt lens system, eyepiece leveller, pentafinder, wide angle eyepiece
otheraccessories=lightweight follow focus (LFF), lightweight support rods, third party accessories
environmentprotection=third party covers and housings, rain deflector
camerasupport=Arrihead, bridge plate, handgrip, shoulder set, shoulder cushion, underslung bracket for Steadicam

Arricam is a 35 mm movie camera line manufactured by Arri. It is Arri's flagship sync-sound camera line, replacing the Arriflex 535 line. The design was developed by Fritz Gabriel Bauer and is heavily derivative of the cameras he created for his Moviecam company, which was bought out by Arri in the mid-1990s. As such, the Arricam is a fusion of the mechanical and intuitive design innovations of the Moviecam and the interchangeable accessories and complex electronic integration of the Arriflex. As of 2006, the Arricam is considered, along with the Panaflex Millennium line, the top sync-sound camera system currently in usage, and is extremely popular amongst bigger budget feature films. The line is comprised of two camera body models, the ST (Studio) and LT (Lite). The Arricam ST is intended as a full-capability camera, including two camera magazine mounting configurations, whereas the Arricam LT is optimized for smaller, lightweight usage in handheld and Steadicam application, with only the option to mount the magazine in the rear position. Both cameras use motorized displacement magazines, have electronic rotating mirror shutters mounted beneath the film gate (as opposed to beside it, as in Panavision cameras), and contain independently adjustable sprocket pulleys within the camera body.

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