Sitting Ducks

Sitting Ducks

Sitting Ducks is a lithograph created by Michael Bedard in the late 1970s. It depicts a literal interpretation of the idiom "sitting duck". Three ducks are relaxing in the sun on white chairs by the poolside, one looks up and notices two bullet holes in the wall.

Bedard then went on to create an entire series of "Sitting Ducks" related lithographs, which culminated in a children's book and a cartoon series.


Bedard's 1998 book, "Sitting Ducks" (ISBN 0-399-22847-0) has the plot that crocodiles hatch ducks in a "duck factory", then send them to Ducktown, where the ducks live an idyllic life, encouraged by billboards to fatten up. The crocodiles presumably eat the ducks once they are fat. One duck is befriended by a crocodile, who lets him know that if only the Ducktown residents wouldn't get fat, they could fly away and avoid being eaten.


In 2001 "Sitting Ducks" was first aired. It ran for two seasons and during that time spawn merchandise such as toys, clothing, books and also a video game.

The show focuses in a town called Ducktown, on a duck named Bill, and his best friend Aldo, a huge alligator from the neighboring town of Swampwood. Seeing as how ducks are favorite snacks of the alligators there, Bill and Aldo's friendship is rather unusual. The pair usually end up in varied situations and adventures.

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