About Time (book)

About Time (book)

"About Time" (ISBN 0-684-81822-1) is the second book written by Paul Davies, regarding the subject of time. The intended audience is the general public, rather than than science academics.

"About Time" explores selected mysteries of spacetime, following on from Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, which Davies believes does not fully explain time as humans experience it. The author explains

Important though Einstein's time turned out to be, it still did not solve "the riddle of time".

The book delves into the nature of metaphysics, time, motion and gravity, covering a wide range of aspects surrounding the current cosmological debate, across 283 pages in great detail. It includes an index, bibliography, and numerous diagrams.

ee also

*Basic introduction to the mathematics of curved spacetime
*Sense of time
*"The Mind of God"

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