Abd al-Hamid al-Katib

Abd al-Hamid al-Katib

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Abd al-Hamid ibn Yahya al-Katib ( _ar. عبدالحميد بن يحيى الكاتب) was an Umayyad official and Islamic scholar, a master of Arabic prose [ [http://www.islamicity.com/mosque/ihame/Sec4.htm Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East ] ] .

Quote::"Cultivate the Arabic language so that you may speak correctly; develop a handsome script which will add luster to your writings; learn the poetry of the Arabs by heart; familiarize yourself with unusual ideas and expressions; read the history of the Arabs and the Persians, and remember their great deeds" [ [http://www.islamicity.com/mosque/ihame/Ref5.htm Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East ] ]


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