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Réseau de l'information

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Réseau de l'information (RDI) is a Canadian French language cable television news channel operated by CBC/Radio-Canada. RDI began broadcasting on January 1, 1995 and is considered the French-language equivalent of CBC Newsworld, also owned by the CBC.


RDI has the resources of information from the Radio-Canada/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) group:

* 400 journalists
* ten newsrooms in the Information centre in Montreal
* 30 bureaus across Canada, and 7 foreign bureaus


RDI is distributed on basic cable and satellite television to 9.8 million homes, including 2 million in Quebec and seen each week by half-million English viewers.

Enroute Journal

RDI provides news, business, weather and sports information on Air Canada's inflight entertainment.


RDI broadcasts full local, national and international newscasts at the top of each hour and headlines every half hour from the newsroom of La Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal and Quebec City. "Le Téléjournal Midi" is broadcast each weekday at 12pm and the main evening news bulletin "Le Téléjournal/Le Point" every evening live at 9:00 p.m. (eastern). These bulletins are also seen on the main French-language television network, Télévision de Radio-Canada. The channel covers big events live and also broadcasts regional news in the form of "Le Téléjournal Montréal" and "Le Téléjournal Atlantique".

The channel also broadcasts factual programs in the form of food program "L'épicerie", current affairs in "Les Grand Reportages" (The Big Reports), science in "Decouverte" (Discovery) and "Tout le Monde en Parlait" - a look back at past culture seen through the eyes of current events. During the weekend there is a greater amount of these programs, much in the same format as its English-language counterpart, CBC Newsworld.

RDI also carries "Le Journal Télévisé de 20 heures" from France 2, rebroadcasting it the following weekday at 4:30 p.m. (Eastern).

The current Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean, formerly hosted programs for both the English and French language networks. She presented "Grands Reportages" on "RDI" and "The Passionate Eye" on CBC Newsworld as well as having her own talk show, called "Michaëlle". She also served as a substitute anchor on "Le Téléjournal".

Original hosts

* Claude Desbiens, Le Monde ce matin (The World This Morning)
* Nathalie Chung, Aujourd'hui (week-end), Le monde ce soir (week-end)
* Claude Beauchamp, Capital Actions
* Michel Jean, Le Québec en direct (Quebec Live)
* Simon Durivage, Sans Detour
* Pascale Nadeau, Aujourd'hui (Today)
* Christine Fournier, Le Monde ce matin (The World This Morning)
* Pierre Chevrier, L'ouest en direct (The West Live)
* Michaëlle Jean, Le Canada aujourd'hui (Canada Today), Le Monde ce soir (The World This Evening)
* Geneviève Asselin, RDI week-end (RDI Weekend)
* Jean Groulx, L'Ontario en direct (Ontario Live)
* Daniel Poirier, L'Atlantique en direct (The Atlantic Live)
* Odette Gough, RDI en ligne (RDI Online)
* Michelle Vimly, Le Téléjournal 1re edition (The Telejournal First Edition)
* Bernard Derome, Le Téléjournal 1re edition (The Telejournal First Edition) – current
* Nancy Sabourin, Au travail (Work)

Current anchors

* Simon Durivage
* Geneviève Asselin
* Christine Fournier
* Martine Defoy
* Brigitte Bougie
* Michel Viens
* Louis Lemieux
* Marie-Josée Bouchard

Current programs

* "Le Journal RDI" (RDI Journal)
* "Le Journal de l'Atlantique" (RDI Journal)
* "RDI en direct" (RDI Live) - hosted by Michel Viens, Simon Durivage, Marie-Josée Bouchard or Geneviève Asselin
* "Le Téléjournal / Matin" - hosted by Michel Viens
* "Le Téléjournal / Midi" - hosted by Anne-Marie Dussault
* "RDI Junior" - hosted by Anaïs Favron
* "Dominique Poirier en direct" - hosted by Dominique Poirier
* "Le Téléjournal" - hosted by Bernard Derome (Monday to Thursday) and Céline Galipeau (Friday to Sunday) until end 2008. Bernard Derome said in a Press Conference on June 12th, 2008 that he will retire in January 2009. Source: [http://www.radio-canada.ca/arts-spectacles/PlusArts/2008/06/12/002-radio-canada_information.asp]
* "Les rendez-vous de Marie-Claude" - hosted by Marie-Claude Lavallée
* "Grands reportages" (The Big Reports)
* "Le National"
* "Le Monde week-end"
* "L'Épicerie" - hosted by Denis Gagné and Joane Despins
* "Les Coulisses du Pouvoir" (The corridors of Power) - hosted by Daniel Lessard
* "5 sur 5" - hosted by Gilles Gougeon
* "Découverte" (Discovery)- hosted by Charles Tisseyre
* "Vivre Ici" - cultural show hosted by Pascale Nadeau
* "Zones de Guerre" (War Zones) - hosted by Christine Fournier
* "30 Millions d'Amis" (30 Million Friends)
* "Tout le Monde en Parlait" (Everybody Was Talking) - hosted by Anne-Marie Dussault
* "La Semaine Verte" (The Green Week)
* "Enquêtes" (Reports) - hosted by Alain Gravel
* "Ushuaia Nature" - hosted by Nicolas Hulot
* "Second Regard" (A Second Look)- a religious show hosted by Alain Crevier
* "Zone Libre" - hosted by Jean-François Lépine
* "La Facture" - a consumer affairs program hosted by Pierre Craig


* "L'information continue" (Continuous information) 1995-?
* "Source d'information" (source of information) 2006-current. Advertised on-screen as analogous to a source of water, a source of energy etc.


As with Télévision de Radio-Canada. all programming aired on RDI began being produced in widescreen (and letterboxed on all standard definition feeds) on September 10, 2007. On May 2, 2008, RDI launched a high-definition simulcast, "RDI HD".


ee also

* Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
* Télévision de Radio-Canada
* CBC Newsworld

External links

* [http://www.radio-canada.ca/rdi/index.asp RDI] fr icon

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