Hogan (surname)

Hogan (surname)

Hogan is a surname. If derived from the Gaelic, it is diminuative of "Og" meaning "Young", but if it is derived from Cornish, it means mortal. This youthful definition of the name is also reflected in the Welsh, where Hogyn means .

It has been claimed that those who bear the name are descended of an uncle of Brian Boru, the Irish High King.

The name, in Northern Ireland, has been further Anglicized to the form "Hagan".

Hogan is a surname shared by many notable people:

*John Hogan (North Carolina) (1745–1810), American Revolutionary War soldier and politician
*William Hogan (New York) (1792–1874), English-American politician
*William Hogan (fl. early 1800s), Irish-American priest
*Daniel Hogan (died 1818), American naval seaman, namesake of the USS "Hogan" (DD-178)
*John Hogan (sculptor) (1800–1858), Irish sculptor, creator of "The Dead Christ"
*John Hogan (Missouri) (1805–1892), Irish-American preacher and politician
*John Baptist Hogan (1829–1901), Irish-French Catholic theologian and educator
*Henry Hogan (1840–1916), American army soldier
*John W. Hogan (1853–after 1923), American associate appellate judge and lawyer
*Marty Hogan (1869–1923), Anglo-American baseball player; parents were Irish immigrants to England
* James Thomas Hogan (1874–1953), New Zealand politician
*Danny Hogan (1880–1928), American participant in organized crime
*Jimmy Hogan (1882–1974), British footballer
*Edmond Hogan (1883–1964), Australian politician
*John Hogan (VC) (1884–1943), English First World War soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross
* Patrick Hogan (Ceann Comhairle) (1886–1969), Irish Labour party politician, represented Clare
* James Patrick Hogan (1890–1943), American filmmaker
*John Vincent Lawless Hogan (1890–1960) American electrical engineer responsible for early advances in radio broadcasting technology
* Patrick Hogan (Cumann na nGaedhael) (1891–1936), Irish Cumann na nGaedhael/Fine Gael politician, represented Galway
*Inez Hogan (1895–1973), American author and book illustrator
*Michael Hogan (sportsman) (1896–1920), Irish sportsman
*Tobias Hogan (fl. late 1800s), American politician
*Michael Hogan (screenwriter) (fl. early 1900s), screenwriter who co-wrote the script for the 1937 film "King Solomon's Mines"
* Patrick Hogan (Farmers Party) (fl. early 1900s), Irish Farmers Party politician, represented Limerick in the 1920s
* Patrick Hogan (Tipperary politician) (1907–1972), Irish Fine Gael politician, represented Tipperary South
*Ben Hogan (1912–1997), American golfer
*João Hogan (1914–1988), Portuguese artist
*J. Paul Hogan (born 1919), American chemist, inventor of polyethylene
*Robert Hogan (mechanic) (born before 1920), New Zealand mechanic, co-founder of the Fulton Hogan construction company
*Lester Hogan (born 1920), American scientist
*Lawrence Hogan (born 1928), American politician
*Hector Hogan (1931–1960), Australian Olympic athlete
*Brigid Hogan-O'Higgins (born "Hogan" 1932), Irish politician
*Robert J. Hogan (born 1933), American soap opera actor
*John Hogan (religious brother) (born c.1935), American anti-war activist (one of the "Catonsville Nine"), Catholic missionary and carpenter
* Paul Hogan (born 1939), Australian actor
* James P. Hogan (writer) (born 1941), British science fiction author
*Allan Hogan (born 1943), Australian journalist
*David Hogan (1949–1996), American composer and choir director
*David J. Hogan, (born 1950 ?), American historian
*Thomas Hogan (born bef. 1950), American judge
*Desmond Hogan (born 1950), Irish writer
*Tom Hogan (born 1956), Australian cricketer
*Moses Hogan (1957–2003), American composer and arranger of choral music
*Phil Hogan (born 1960), Irish politician
*Anni Hogan (born 1961), British musician and composer
* P. J. Hogan (born 1962), Australian film director
*John Hogan (executive) (born before 1970), American corporate executive
*John Hogan (mathematician), (born before 1970), British academic
*Noel Hogan (born 1971), Irish musician
*Gabriel Hogan (born 1973), Canadian actor
*James Hogan (guitarist) (born 1974), American guitarist
*Darcy Hogan (born 1975), American playwright
*Shawn Hogan (born 1975), American entrepreneur
*Patrick N. Hogan (born 1979), American politician
*Blaine Hogan (born 1980), American actor
*Heather Hogan (born 1985), American voice actor
*Robert Hogan (psychologist) (fl. 20th century), American psychologist known for his work in personality testing and assessment
*Bosco Hogan (fl. late 1900s), Irish actor
*Chris Hogan (fl. late 1900s), American actor
*Peter Hogan (fl. late 1900s), British comics writer
*Sean Hogan (fl. late 1900s), Canadian singer-songwriter
*Michael Hogan (actor) (fl. late 1900s), Canadian actor
*Michael Hogan (academic) (fl. early 2000s), American scholar and president-elect of the University of Connecticut
*Paul Hogan (butler) (fl. early 2000s), Australian diplomat turned celebrity butler ("Joe Millionaire")
*Hulk Hogan, wrestler and reality television star
*Brooke Hogan, singer; daughter of Hulk
*Nick Hogan, reality televion star; son of Hulk

'Hogan' as a given name

*Hogan Sheffer (born 1958), American television writer
*Hogan Ephraim (born 1988), English footballer

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* Hogan
* Hogan (disambiguation)

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