Regius Professor of Modern History (Cambridge)

Regius Professor of Modern History (Cambridge)

Regius Professor of Modern History is one of the senior professorships in history at Cambridge University. It was founded in 1724 by George I.

Regius Professors of History

*Samuel Harris 1724
*Shallet Turner 1735
*Lawrence Brockett 1762
*Thomas Gray 1768
*John Symonds 1771
*William Smyth (history professor) 1807
*Sir James Stephen 1849
*Charles Kingsley 1860
*John Seeley 1869
*John Dalberg, Baron Acton of Aldenham 1895
*John Bagnell Bury 1902
*George Macaulay Trevelyan 1927
*George Norman Clark 1943
*James Ramsay Montagu Butler 1947
*David Knowles 1954
*Herbert Butterfield 1963
*William Owen Chadwick 1968
*Geoffrey Elton 1983
*Patrick Collinson 1988
*Quentin Skinner 1996
*Richard Evans 2008

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*Regius Professor of Modern History (Oxford)

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