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show_name= Gogs

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rating = TV-G
format = Animated sitcom
runtime = 5 minutes, 30 minutes(movie)
directors = Deiniol Morris, Michael Mort
starring= Gillian Elisa
country = UK
network = BBC
company = Aaargh Animation
first_aired = 1993
last_aired =
num_episodes = 13 episodes and 1 movie
list_episodes = List of Gogs episodes

"Gogs" is a UK TV comedy series based around the lives of a prehistoric family of cavemen. The series uses the stop-motion animation technique (claymation). Directed by Deiniol Morris and Michael Mort, "Gogs" first aired on BBC television in 1993. There were 2 series compiled of 5 minute episodes, as well as a half-hour special called "Gogwana".

The series depicts the family comedically as being mind-bogglingly stupid and struggling to (often obliviously) navigate and avoid the perils of an exotic, prehistoric land inhabited by dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, giant insects, man-eating plants, and other exotica. One of the show's key comedic aspects are crudeness and toilet humour; the characters do not talk, instead communicating with grunts, roars, screams, burps and farts, and spend the majority of their time wrestling, urinating, vomiting, bashing each other on the head with clubs, and scoffing food. There is even a scene in one episode where the baby character's clay penis can be seen.


*Ogo, older son. Appears to be a teenager. He is very slow and dim-witted, yet is constantly trying to impress and follow the orders of the others. He always fails however, and usually gets covered in mess or his teeth knocked out. Most of the rest of the time, all he does is pick his nose and eat it.
*Oglas, the father. A slobby and lazy lay-about mostly concerned with dossing around and living life his own way, though he occasionally goes out hunting or such. He often fights with his son Ogo, and his wife Ogla, whom, despite often crudely fighting with him, also often gives him somewhat unwanted affection.
*Ogla, the mother. Enormous and bossy, she is the matriarch of the family. None dare challenge her. Though at times disgusted and disliking of the rest of her family, she does care for them deep down, particularly her baby Girj.
*Igi, the hippie daughter. Presumably a teenager like Ogo. Igi is the smartest of all the Gogs, drawing things such as equations and blueprints on rocks, and invents things such as a bird-costume and a hot-air balloon made out of a dinosaur's carcass in the half hour special "Gogwana". However, also being the smallest and physically weakest, Igi is often victimized or misunderstood.
*Gogas, the grandfather. He is hot-headed, uncouth and crude, and wants to do things all his own way. His most prized possession is his club, and his solution to pretty much any problem is to bash it with it. In the "Gogwana" special, he is given a small backstory.
*Girj, the baby. Cute at a first glance, but is actually very brave and tough and sneaky. What he spends most of his time doing is crying and screaming (this such is one signature theme of the Gogs show), and the other Gogs have to desperately find ways to get him to stop. Besides that, he often poohs and gets into horrible messes a lot, and into very sticky situations (usually at the same time).

Animals seen

*Eagle. In the first episode, Igi sees an eagle flying above the ground, which inspires her to make a bird costume. The eagle was almost hit by an arrow from Oglas and Gogas's bow-and-arrow.
*Mole. A mole is a reccuring animal in the first series. Gogas is often seen trying to club the mole.
*Unidentified Dinosaur. In the second episode, Oglas and Ogo find a man sized, theropod dinosaur eating leaves. It soon notices them, and continues to beat them up.
* "Tyrannosaurus rex". In the second episode, Oglas and Ogo flee from the small dinosaur, only to discover a massive T.Rex which chases them off a cliff. It appears in several episodes in the first series, one episode in the second series and in Gogwana.
*Wild Boar. In the second episode,Ogo is attacked by a wild boar whilst tied to a tree. The boar then chases Oglas and Gogas,making them fall down a hole. The tree Ogo is attached to is thrown over the pit. The boar continues to urinate and poo on them until Ogla scares the boar away.
*Pteranodon. In the third episode, a thunderstorm occurs, driving the Gogs to find shelter. Ogo climbs up a tree and finds a leaf to shelter under, which came from a Pteranodon's nest. It then carries Ogo in the air and, later in the show, Ogla as well.

External links

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