Jabberwocky (disambiguation)

Jabberwocky (disambiguation)

"Jabberwocky" is a poem.

Jabberwocky or Jabberwock may also refer to:


* Jabberwocky (card game)
* Jabberwock, fictional character in "American McGee's Alice"


* Jabberwocky (Amiga), Jabber/XMPP software
* Jabberwock, a simulated-conversation program by Juergen Pirner

Other titled works

* "Jabberwock" (play)
* "Jabberwocky" (film), 1977
* "Jabberwocky" (album), 1999, by Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman
* "Jabberwocky" (TV series)
* "Jabberwock" (magazine), mid-1900s
* "Jabberwocky" (writing magazine), UK


* JABberwocky (literary agency)

See also

* Jabberwacky, a simulated-conversation program by Rollo Carpenter
* JabbaWockeeZ, a dance group

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