Whitz Wolf

Whitz Wolf

The Whitz Wolf (also known as the Sword Wolf and Rez Tiger) is a Wolf-type Zoid, one of over 200 mechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's "Zoids" model, toy, and media franchise. The three versions of the Zoid inhabit their own, separate continuities; Whitz Wolf in the Three Tigers Battle Story, Sword Wolf in the "" anime and model line, and Rez Tiger in the "Zoids: Generations" limited edition model line.Zoids
Zoid_name = Whitz Wolf
ImageName =
Caption = The "Whitz Wolf", as seen in a TOMY "Zoids" promotional video.
Model_number = RZ-073
Faction = ZOITEC/Republic
Zoid_type = Wolf
Crew = 1
Weight = 87.0
Length = 18.9
Height = 8.8
Speed = 305 m/h
Weapons = Strike Zan Claw x4, Electron Bite Fang, 208mm 2-Barrel Shock Cannon, Electron Hyper Cannon x2
Equipment = 3-nozzle Ion Booster, Whitz Armour Tail, Whitz Claw Flaps


The Whitz Wolf is a Wolf-type Zoid, created by the ZOITEC Corporation. It is a Fuzor, designed to merge with Savinga and form the Whitz Tiger.

A formidable Zoid in its own right, the Whitz Wolf is very fast and agile, comparable to the Liger Zero. Its triple ion boosters give it tremendous acceleration, as well as the ability to leap long distances. The Zoid also carries a pair of long-range beam cannons which give it a reasonable offensive punch. The Whitz Wolf is not heavily armoured, instead relying more on its speed to avoid harm.


The Whitz Wolf is designed to combine with Savinga, a Squirrel-type Zoid. The Fused Zoid is known as the Whitz Tiger, one of the three Legendary Tigers of the Battle Story and the "true" form of the Whitz Wolf. In this form, the Zoid becomes Tiger-type, and increases its speed and manoeuvrability, as well as the power of its systems.

Because the combined Zoid has an ancient Tiger's core, it is more powerful and more capable than the combination of Savinga and Whitz Wolf would normally be. However, the Whitz Tiger can only maintain this form for limited periods of time before being forced to separate into its component Zoids.

Whitz Tiger Imitate

The Whitz Tiger Imitate is, a copy of the Whitz Wolf and Savinga, permanently combined into Whitz Tiger mode. This Zoid doesn't use the true "Ancient Tiger" core, instead using an "imitation" core. This affects the power of the Zoid, placing it between the Whitz Wolf and the true Whitz Tiger.

word Wolf

The Sword Wolf is a variant design unique to the "Genesis" model line and associated anime. This version is armed with a pair of heavy swords, known as the Hack Blades, which are composed of a rare metal known as "Metal Zi". These heavy blades are capable of slicing through any form of armour. The weight of the blades causes a small loss in speed and agility.

The Sword Wolf has Savinga counterpart, and is incapable of transforming into a Whitz Tiger.

Rez Tiger

The Rez Tiger is a variant specific to the "Zoids: Generations" limited edition model line, which inhabits a parallel (but separate) continuity to "Genesis". In addition to the normal Whitz Tiger weapons, the Rez Tiger carries a large blade which can be mounted on the Zoid's back or in its mouth.

The Rez Tiger is already combined with Savinga, but is capable of separating into its component Zoids. When separated, either the Whitz Wolf or the Savinga can carry the sword.

Battle Story appearances

Of the three legendary Tiger Zoid cores discovered by ZOITEC and Zi-Arms, the Whitz Wolf was the first Zoid to enter service in ZAC 2230. Unable to completely reconstruct the legendary Whitz Tiger in a single body, ZOITEC used its experience in Blox Zoid manufacture to create Savinga, which carried the remaining components, while being a formidable Zoid itself.

When combined, the Whitz Tiger proved to be a formidable adversary. To compete with it, Zi-Arms (The arch-rival to ZOITEC) created the Death Raser and Parablade, which combined into the Decalto Dragon. As the war between the two companies escalated, the Whitz Tiger was frequently used to attack Zi-Arms installations. Eventually, the Zoid was instrumental in the defeat of the rampaging Death Saurer.

Unlike many other Zoids, it was rather ambiguous if, in the battle story, the Whitz Tiger was a unique Zoid, or just a Zoid type. Both views are represented in the battle story.

Zoids Genesis

In the "Zoids Genesis" battle story, the Sword Wolf is a Zoid coming form the Ancient Era that predates the Age of Technology, and has no connection to its appearance in the Three Tigers story. There is no indication if it is a unique Zoid or not.

The Savinga, and thus the Whitz Tiger, do not exist in the "Genesis" continuity.

Media appearances


The Sword Wolf is unique to the "" anime, and is piloted by a man named Ra Kan, who is the leader of the Digald Suppress Army. Both of its swords are made from a rare material called Metal-Zi, which is the only substance capable of slicing through a Bio-Zoid's Hell Armour.


New Japanese Release

*Assembly required. (Snap-together, no glue needed. Scissors or X-acto knife recommended for trimming off excess plastic bits.)
*The model's colours are moulded into the plastic, and it does not need any paint.

The Whitz Wolf kit comes on five frames, along with a battery-powered motor, a canopy, eight rubber caps, a small grey pilot, a display stand, and label sheets. The Whitz Wolf is moulded in white, grey and metallic blue, with a translucent orange canopy.

The Whitz Wolf’s construction isn’t overly complex or difficult, putting it roughly in the middle of the range for Zoid complexity. Unlike other new-release battery-operated Zoids, the Whitz Wolf has only single-piece legs, similar to Grade-Up Zoids like the Houndsoldier. The zoid uses a single "AA" sized battery for motion. Once activated, the Zoid walks forwards while the cannons on the back reciprocate.

Whitz Wolf was the first motorised Zoid released in 2004, and the second last Republic Zoid released for the "New Japanese Release".

Red Whitz Wolf

Released as a contest prize, Red Whitz Wolf is remoulded in dark red, three shades of grey, and silver, with a translucent green cockpit canopy. This version also included a similarly recoloured Savinga.

Whitz Tiger Imitate

A limited edition Zoid, the Whitz Tiger Imitate was remoulded in bright orange, brown and bronze. The release also included a similarly recoloured Savinga.

Originally intended as a convention giveaway and then a limited edition, the Whitz Tiger Imitate was overproduced and undersold. Two years after its release, the Zoid can still be purchased cheaply throughout Asia.


The "Genesis" line released the GZ-007 Sword Wolf in early 2005. The Zoid was remoulded in salmon, black and grey, with an orange canopy. The upgrades to the Zoid came on two additional frames, and included the two blades and a canopy cover.

An upgrade kit was available for the Sword Wolf; known as the Bio-Crusher, the kit consisted of a single large blade and shield that replaced one of the regular blades.

A limited edition version of the Sword Wolf was planned, but never produced. This version would have been recoloured, and included a four-inch Ra Kan figure and a Bio-Crusher upgrade.

Rez Tiger

Made available exclusively to readers of Dengeki Hobby and C3X, the Rez Tiger is the second in the "Generations" limited edition line. The Zoid is moulded in bright red and black, with the addition of the mouth-carried sword and a sheath. The Savinga is included, and is also recoloured.

Related Zoids

The Whitz Tiger is a Fuzor Partner to the Savinga Blox Zoid. See that article for more information on the fusion, and details of individual releases of that Zoid.

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