Zan Perrion

Zan Perrion

Zan Perrion is a Vancouver based writer, motivational speaker, and life coach. One of the founding members of today's "burgeoning community of international pickup artists" [Lady Killers, Lianne George, Macleans Magazine, 02 September 2005] , he has from the beginning advocated a more natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women.

Through his company, Enlightened Seduction, he gives seminars and workshops, and publishes various types of literature and multimedia on relationships, seduction, and dating.

In 2007, Zan played himself in the movie [ Let the Game Begin] , starring Adam Rodriguez (of ), Thomas Ian Nicholas, Michael Madsen, Stephen Baldwin, Lochlyn Munro, and Natasha Henstridge.


He has been a frequent guest and presenter at many seduction and dating related events, most notably with David Deangelo of [ Double Your Dating] , and the [ Cliff's List] Conventions.

Author Neil Strauss devoted an entire chapter to him in his New York Times bestseller "", calling Zan "...the undisputed heavyweight of the genre... in four years, he never once asked for advice, he only gave it." [Neil Strauss (2005) "The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists". New York, NY: HarperCollins. ISBN 0-06-055473-8] . Seattle's Komo TV has called him "The World's Greatest Seducer" [John Sharify, Komo TV, "Meet the World's Greatest Seducer"] .


Zan was one of the first to teach the concept of "natural game", the belief that women will respond favorably to men who are confident and fun - but not arrogant. He advocates the notion of honesty and respect toward women; his assertion is that women will open themselves up in amazing ways to a man who is sincere and respectful, who knows what he wants, and who doesn't mask his desires as a man. As he puts it, "men who like women are "liked" by women". [The Essence of Enlightened Seduction ""]

Zan also argues that looks are not as important as most men believe. He illustrates this idea by demonstrating that many of the greatest seducers in history were notably unremarkable in their appearance. [Robert Greene (2001) "The Art of Seduction". New York, NY: Viking. ISBN 0-67-089192-4] What these men possessed, however, was a "mesmerizing aura; an unbelievably compelling way of interacting with women and moving through this world". [The Essence of Enlightened Seduction ""] As Zan puts it: "Women are not attracted to men who are good looking - they are attracted to men who are attractive." [Ibid.]

Another key concept that Zan advocates is the notion that most of the rejection men experience originates from their own self-limiting beliefs, and their inner concepts of themselves. As a result, there is a strong emphasis in his work on the idea of changing mindsets, and in teaching concepts that are "internally focused, less about routines and tactics and more about emotions and ideas." [Zan Strikes Again ""]

Zan also presents the idea that the secret of all natural seducers is that they aren't "born with the ability to flirt with and seduce women, they learn it. And what one man can do, so can another." [The Way of the Natural Review ""] He also advocates the notion that a "natural seducer doesn’t pick and choose who he flirts with — he’s charming to all women." [Ibid.]


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