Agencies of British India

Agencies of British India

An agency was a colonial administrative unit in British India.

At one time, the list consisted off:
* Alwar Agency (belonging to Rajputana Agency)
*Bagelkhand Agency March 1871 / 1933
*Baluchistan Agency
*Banas Kantha Agency
*Baroda, Western States, and Gujarat Agency
*Bhopal Agency 1818 / 1947-08-15
*Bhopawar Agency 1882 / 1925 (merge with Malwa to form Malwa and Bhopawar Agency)
* Bikaner Agency (belonging to Rajputana Agency)
*Bundelkhand Agency 1811
*Central India Agency 1854
*Deccan States Agency 1930s
* Eastern Rajputana States Agency (belonging to Rajputana Agency)
*Eastern States Agency 1930s
*Gilgit Agency 1889
* Kotah-Jhalawar Agency (belonging to Rajputana Agency)
*Haraoti Agency
* Haraoti-Tonk Agency (belonging to Rajputana Agency)
* Kathiawar Agency (Bombay Presidency)
*Kolaba Agency
*Kolhapur Agency
*Madras States Agency 1930s
*Mahi Kantha Agency (Bombay Presidency)
*Malwa Agency
** 1895 / 1925 (merge with Bhopawar Agency to Malwa and Bhopawar Agency)
** 1934 / 1947
*Malwa and Bhopawar Agency 1925 / 1927 rename to Malwa and Southern States Agency
*Malwa and Southern States Agency 1927 rename from Malwa and Bhopawar Agency / 1934 rename to Malwa
*North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA)
*North-West Frontier States Agency
*Palanpur Agency 1819 (belong to Bombay Presidency, merged 10 October 1924 in WISA)
*Poona Agency
*Punjab States Agency 1930s
*Rajputana Agency (consisting of three residencies and six agencies)
*Rewa Kantha Agency (Bombay Presidency)
* Sabar Kantha Agency
*Western India States Agency (WISA)
* Western Rajputana States Agency (belonging to Rajputana Agency, part of Mewar Residency until 1906, when it was separated)

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*Subdivisions of British India

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