Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell Baronets

Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell Baronets

=Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell Baronets of Purves Hall, Berwickshire (1665)=

Created in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia 25 July 1665

*Sir William Purves, 1st Baronet
*Sir Alexander Purves, 2nd Baronet
*Sir William Purves, 3rd Baronet
*Sir William Purves, 4th Baronet
*Sir Alexander Purves, 5th Baronet
*Sir William Purves-Hume-Campbell, 6th Baronet
*Sir Hugh Purves-Hume-Campbell, 7th Baronet
*Sir John Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell, 8th Baronet (extinct or dormant with his death)



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