HSV Senator

HSV Senator

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name = HSV Senator
manufacturer = Holden Special Vehicles
production = 1992-present
assembly = Clayton, Victoria, Australia
class = Full-size car
body_style = 4-door sedan

The HSV Senator is a luxury sports sedan variation of the Holden Commodore, produced by Holden Special Vehicles in co-operation with Australian automaker Holden, and has been manufactured since 1992. The car is based on a rear-wheel drive architecture, and the current generation E Series is powered by a 6.0 litre V8 and is manufactured in Elizabeth, South Australia, before final assembly in Clayton, Victoria, Australia. Until recently, there were no exact or direct rival for this vehicle; however, in October 2006 FPV announced the release of the Falcon Force 6/8 as a competitor. Other potential rivals include the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class. The HSV Senator Signature is the high luxury model in the HSV range and the co-flagship of the short-wheelbase models along with the performance-oriented GTS. The suspension is fitted with switchable Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) offering Luxury or Performance modes. Pricing starts at AU$76,990.

The design and development

The development and improvisation for this technology cost HSV designers $6 million. The current series design was managed by Julian Quincy, it started when the HSV design team headed to Holden’s Port Melbourne design studio in February 2003 this was to view a finished Holden VE Commodore SS. So far there have not been many complaints about the current Senator Signature except for its awkward “hideaway” handbrake. The MRC (Magnetic Ride Control) is the first time in the history to feature in an Australian Built car the E-Series Senator. By activating a switch inside of the car the suspension can be soft and feel like you’re on a “magic carpet ride” but push it again and it hardens it self giving the car a race track inspired drive.

This fifth car in history to feature this technology, first in 2002 was Cadillac second was Audi third was Ferrari forth was Chevrolet then it was the E-Series Senator Signature. Ian Callum designed the VR, VS, VT and the VX models. The objective was to create a car that had a “soft” and subtle image. The lack of aggression or anger such as seen in The Clubsport or R8 models, this chosen to in time to compete with some of the European brands. As the years went on the car became ever increasingly popular but because of its large price tag media coverage was down, but that did not discourage HSV, nine models have been made since the very first VP there is only a few that are seen today most are in showrooms or car shows.The Senator’s name was always a sign of authority and not aggression, unlike the Clubsports name which was chosen to show a sports image Senator’s is a sign of luxury and “wisdom”. Chrome wasn’t a very strong part of the Senator’s design characteristics practically because its counter parts the Clubsport, R8 and the Commodore which it was based on didn’t use larger amount of chrome.Fact|date=February 2007

Model Timeline

VP Senator

Infobox Automobile generation

name = VP Senator
production = 1992-1993
platform = GM V platform
It started in 1991 when the VN series was replaced with the VP generation. The year after that the Senator was introduced, based on the VP Commodore. The Senator was created in an attempt to design a vehicle that offered both luxury and performance as well as to complement the existing long-wheelbase Statesman models. Offering smoother styling compared to the HSV Clubsport and GTS models, which favoured performance rather than luxury, the Senator took advantage of the independent rear suspension which was offered on high priced VP Commodores and Holden Statesman at the time and was only one of a handful of Commodore-based cars that had automatic climate control. Other features included a leather interior, cruise control and limited slip differential. A three spoke steering wheel was featured. Top speed was Auto km/h|220|0. The car is available with HSV's Convert|180|kW|hp|0|abbr=on 5.0 litre V8 engine coupled to a GM 4-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual. There was actually two versions built the standard Senator and the upgraded version (with more power) the Senator 5000i. The total number built for both versions was 382. [cite web|url=http://pascale.customer.netspace.net.au/vp/vp_senator.htm|title=VP Senator|accessdate=2007-03-08]

VR Senator

Infobox Automobile generation

name = VR Senator
production = 1993-1995
platform = GM V platform
In 1993, the significantly redesigned VR Senator was released, based on the VR Commodore and was the first radical body change since the 1988 VN Commodore. At the time it was the upmarket short wheelbase sedan for those whom had money, upgraded over the Holden Calais. The rear seating was from the Holden Statesman. Along with the rest of the HSV range, the Senator bodykit was penned by designer Ian Callum to produce a sleeker, more aggressive stance along with a Convert|185|kW|hp|0|abbr=on version of the 5.0-litre V8. A new suspension setup was developed, known as the touring package which aimed to provide capable handling and a smooth ride. Additionally from May 1994 onwards, the Senator could be optioned with HSV's new Convert|215|kW|hp|0|abbr=on 5.7-litre "stroker" V8 known as the '215i'. The $10,000 “stroker” engine option was handbuilt as an upgrade over the 5.0-litre V8. This engine could be coupled to either the 4-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission. [cite web|url=http://www.hsv.com.au/cars/classics/brochure/page07.htm|title=The arrival of the VR|accessdate=2007-01-25] 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) takes 7.8 sec for the 185i and takes 6.9 sec for the 215i. Total number built for both versions was 855. [ [http://pascale.customer.netspace.net.au/vr/vr_senator.htm (1993-1995) HSV VR] "performance stats"]

VS Senator

Infobox Automobile generation

name = VS Senator
production = 1995-1997
platform = GM V platform
1995 saw the introduction of the VS Senator, based on the VS Commodore. This model saw slight revisions to the body styling, trim and new alloy wheels. The VS Series II saw the fitment of HSV's ISS (Integrated Security System) as standard as well as new steering-wheel mounted stereo controls. There remained a choice of two models: the 185i and the 215i. The 185i had the 5.0-litre (4987 cc) V8 engine which pushed out 185 kW at 4800 rpm (248 hp). The 215i had the 5.7-litre (5737 cc) V8 engine which delivered 215 kW at 4800 rpm (288 hp). The total number that were built by December 1995 was 416, down 439 units over the VR.

VT Senator Signature

The new VT Senator Signature of 1997 gained the larger all-new bodyshell of the VT Commodore and also heralded the introduction of a Senator Signature wagon for the first time into the HSV range. When it was released it cost $71,650. Upgraded Convert|195|kW|hp|0|abbr=on 5.0 litre and Convert|220|kW|hp|0|abbr=on 5.7-litre V8 engines were offered. The VT Senator Signature came standard with speed-sensitive steering which would act in different ways depending on the road and surrounding conditions and luxury suspension tuned featuring Monroe Sensatrac shock absorbers. Appearance differences from other HSV models included a chrome single-slat grille, side skirts, front fog lamps and 10-spoke 17 inch alloy wheels. The suspension was lowered, with leather seats and woodgrain standard throughout the Senator Signature. A tyre-pressure monitoring system was added and climate control featured once again.

The steering is similar to the E-Series Senator with the Variatronic power assisted rack and pinion technology. The independent rear suspension and luxury front and rear Sensatrac variable rate dampers fitted made for smooth ride control and high speed stability. Door inserts in matching leather are some of the interior features. Additionally, HSV added complementary special features which were for the driver rather than the car, such as a Maglite torch, wheel nut cap remover and a multi-purpose pen knife. The VT Series II introduced a new Convert|250|kW|hp|0|abbr=on 5.7 litre LS1 V8 (as used in the "C5" Chevrolet Corvette) as standard and the wagon was discontinued.

Special multi-purpose seats were added to maximize comfort for the driver. Some equipment that came as an option was a (performance suspension, WH Grange 18 inch alloys, performance brakes, performance seats -- $3,800), satellite navigation ($4,277), premium sound system ($2,706), electric sunroof ($1,995) and a premium brake upgrade ($5,550). Fuel economy was better good for this type of car averaging out at 15.4 litres/100 km through normal driving. Fuel capacity is 75 litres and has a range of 490 km. The road holding capability is better than the previous versions because of the improved susupension set up the down side of this is that the ride is more harder than latter times. Some of the dimensions are as follows: length Auto mm|4918|1, width Auto mm|1824|1, height Auto mm|1404|1, wheelbase Auto mm|2788|1 and the kerb weight is Auto kg|1720|0. The engine is a new American based V8 to improve performance the engine has been sport calibrated and larger brakes front and back. The Auto Nm|473|0 of torque make the car very quick through acceleration.

6-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions come as an option. Front and side airbags, climate control air-conditioning and traction control are some of the features that come as standard. By activating a certain button in the cabin labeled “power” the automatic transmission holds the gears in longer, this gives the car more acceleration power. Storage wise the cabin offers, pockets behind the seats, door pockets, a large glove box and a console bin plus the larger boot. [cite web|url=http://www.racq.com.au/cps/rde/xchg/racq_cms_production/hs.xsl/New_Car_Rev_Foun_No_RHC_motor_buysell_reviewnew_hsvsenatorsignature_ENA_HTML.htm|title=RACQ Road Test of 1999|accessdate=2007-01-25]

VT Senator Signature Wagon

This car was also known as the Senator Signature Estate Wagon. There were two versions available with this version the 195i and the 220i these was known by the badges found on the rear. The numbers that were chosen was to illustrate the power the cars had. Some of the optional features included an upgraded braking system, rain sensing wipers and luxury tuned suspension. Leather featured heavily throughout the vehicle and dual climate control was to enhance comfort for the passengers throughout the large wagon. A special entertainment audio system is only available as an extra option it includes a Premium audio pack with 350 watt power amp and 6 stack CD. There is an optional Coulson 'performance' front seating which is for extra comfort. The wheels are 10-spoke 17" x 8" alloy wheels. [cite web|url=http://www.hsv.com.au/cars/wagon/wagon.htm|title=VT Senator Signature Wagon|accessdate=2007-01-25] These days there are very few of these wagons left today.

VX Senator

The 2000 VX Series brought a facelift with more angular styling with a distinctive 'egg-crate' grille while the VX Series II added toe-control links to the IRS (in line with the Series II update of the Holden Commodore), as well as Microdot technology to deter theft. Most of the main changes to the VX Senator are mostly exterior changes, with visual styling was again designed by former Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) designer Ian Callum. These changes included a chrome grille accent, crossed hatch lower grille, roof spoiler and a discreet boot mounted spoiler. Power increased by Convert|5|kW|hp|0|abbr=on for the now Convert|255|kW|hp|0|abbr=on LS1 V8. The VX Senator was partly based on the Holden Calais at the time. Electronic Traction Control comes as a standard option. Some features that come with the $72,881 Senator include 10-stacker CD player, two subwoofers with a premium sound system, four airbags, automatic climate control, cruise control, power mirrors and windows. [ [http://www.hsv.com.au/cars/vx/vx_senator/vx_senator_main.htm 2001 VX Senator] - Short brochure]

For the first time the Senator line up features rear parking sensors which beep when close to an object while reversing. An optional satellite navigation system and sunroof were available. The four speed automatic transmission is retained and for brakes there are two front ventilated discs and standard non-ventilated discs at the rear. Some of the dimensions are as follows: length is Auto mm|4964|1, width Auto mm|1842|1, height Auto mm|1450|1 and the wheelbase dimension is Auto mm|2788|1. The Senator weighs Auto kg|1710|0 and uses 18.1/100 km of fuel through the city, the fuel tank capacity is 75 litres. Once again the self leveling rear suspension featured and part of the entertainment package a 6 stacker CD player and 8-speaker sound system was added. ABS and traction control was added for extra safety. Throughout the cabin there is leather trim and dark wood grain on the dash board. Some extra options that were also available at extra cost was the premium brakes, Satellite navigation, leather-pewter and an upgraded entertainment sound system. [cite web|url=http://www.hsv.com.au/cars/cars.htm|title=VX Series|accessdate=2007-01-25]

Y Series Senator

Following a slight change to the HSV series naming method, the Y Series Senators, based on the VY Commodore debuted in 2003. The Y-series naming method caused confusion with most people still calling it the VY. Featuring even more angular and aggressive styling, the Y series offered both an entry-level grand tourer Senator and high luxury Senator Signature models. Both came standard with a revised Luxury suspension tune, rear parking sensors and Convert|260|kW|hp|0|abbr=on LS1 engine. In addition to the features found on the Senator, the Senator Signature came with larger Auto in|19|1ch alloy wheels (the Senator came equipped with Auto in|18|1ch wheels), different seats and larger front brakes. The Y Series II update upgraded power to Convert|285|kW|hp|0|abbr=on.

Some of the features that were introduced on the Y-series Senator include oil and battery gauges on the centre stack, shale leather trim interior trim as well as white backing for the instruments. A leather steering wheel was added to improve grip and feel when turning and more memory options for the front electric seats to cater to different users. HSV redesigned the front seats because of complaints from the customers they were too uncomfortable.

Standard features include a CD stacker, power mirrors and windows, cruise control, climate control, engine immobilizer and remote central locking. A rear DVD player and head phones were added. Front and side airbags were standard across the whole range. Two extra safety features were added: an electric tyre pressure monitoring system and High Intensity Discharge (HID) driving lights. Once again the fully independent multi-link rear suspension is standard on the Senator. GPS or Satellite navigation and the sunroof are not standard with this model but are available at extra cost.

The engine is a 5.7 litre LS1 V8 pushing out Convert|260|kW|hp|0|abbr=on at 5600 rpm and Auto Nm|435|0 of torque. New badging featured on the Senator read “260” reflecting the power which the Senator had. The brake and some of the engine cooling vents located on the front bumper are slightly hidden to keep its luxury well present while viewing the vehicle. Mesh cloth is located at the front air dams. Some of the side skirts front and rear air dams and the lower parts of the exterior mirrors are coloured in a satin finish grey. The rest is finished in the body colour. The famous “Senator” name plates are featured on the side skirts, rear and at the bottom of the rear doors.

Some of the interior changes include alloy pedals, new colours, a re-designed four-spoke steering wheel with remote audio controls, white finish instrument dials and minor gauges now in their own dedicated binnacle in the centre of the dash. The multi-function read-out has been re-programmed to show the HSV logo and the vehicle build number and identification during start-up. Automatic climate control and a Blaupunkt 6-disc CD stacker are standard and 8 speakers. Carbon-fibre trim is found throughout the cabin as well as light shale leather trim. The starting price for the Senator at the time was $74000.

Z Series Senator

For the 2004 Z Series, the Senator Signature name was dropped. The car was based on the VZ Commodore and featured smoother, subtler styling, with Auto in|19|1ch wheels as standard. The engine was a new 6.0 litre LS2 V8 (as featured on the "C6" Corvette) pushing out Convert|297|kW|hp|0|abbr=on. Newly designed rear mufflers give the car more of a deeper sound. The Senator's weight increased to Auto kg|1735|0, 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) takes 5.0 seconds and has a top speed of 273 km/h (limited). The fuel economy was officially rated at 10-12 litres/100 km on the highway, and a jump to 18-22 litres/100 km through the cities.

Dimensions were Auto mm|1450|1 height, Auto mm|4984|1 length, Auto mm|1842|1 width and the wheelbase is Auto mm|2788|1.

Some of the main options included the sunroof $2390, satellite navigation $3800, rear-seat DVD players $3900, Xenon headlights $1800, tyre pressure monitoring system $1395. Inside it features Nappa leather on the seats. The braking system on the Senator comes with ABS with twin-piston front callipers and grooved discs. The specially designed rear suspension has a self-levelling feature, so if the Senator was towing a trailer, instead of the weight forcing the back down and causing the front of the car to go up, the rear suspension would harden itself and therefore keeping the car levelled and aerodynamic. This feature is also on the current E-series Senator Signature.

The chrome outline on the grill was added to give the style more of a relaxed luxury appearance. The Senator was has specially designed 10 spoke alloys. For the interior special suede leather come as an optional extra. The Senator Signature name has now been dropped out of the line up, in the price department it matches the Clubsport approximately. Nappa leather is standard for the Senator. The 6.0 litre Gen5 (LS2) V8 engine was taken off the C6 Chevrolet. The brakes are upgraded and feature Bosche 8.0 ABS which provides EBD. The new LS2 V8 made it the quickest Australian made production car at the time. [cite web|url=http://www.drive.com.au/Editorial/ArticleDetail.aspx?ArticleID=9432&vf=20|title=Z-Series Senator|accessdate=2007-03-08]

E Series Senator

Infobox Automobile generation

name = E Series
production = 2006-present
platform = GM Zeta platform
engine = 6.0 L Convert|307|kW|hp|0|abbr=on V8: Gen IV LS2
transmission = 6-speed automatic GM 6L80E
wheelbase = Auto mm|2915|1
length = Auto mm|4944|1
width = Auto mm|1899|1
height =
weight = Auto kg|1844|0
fuel_economy =
fuel_capacity = 98 RON/73 L
related = Holden VE Commodore
The current E Series Senator Signature is based on the VE Commodore and was released in August 2006 with 307 kW (411 hp) of power. It is a four door sedan that can seat 5 people, is rated to tow a maximum of Auto kg|1600|0 and is fitted with automatic transmission and leather interior as standard. The development cost for the E Series Senator was more than the VT, VX, Y Series and the Z Series Senators combined.Wheels magazine "2006 Collector's Edition VE Commodore: The Full Story"] In general, the HSV Senator Signature is a significantly more upmarket form of the Holden Calais-V, with a matching pricetag. [cite web|url=http://www.lawyersweekly.com.au/articles/A6/0C03CBA6.asp?Type=56&Category=930|title=A lion in sheep’s clothes: HSV’s Senator|accessdate=2007-03-08]

The E Series Senator is Auto mm|4943|1 long and Auto mm|1899|1 wide, and the stopping distance from Auto km/h|100|0 is about 36 metres. The Senator is equipped with 19-inch, 10-spoke chrome shadow alloy wheels. The cabin features carbon fibre and imitation metal highlights. For the first time there are no visible wood grain trims that have featured in previous models. The rear lights on the Senator are full LED and were repositioned, lowering them by Auto mm|120|1 to help differentiate the car from its Holden donor, creating sporting flair yet keeping the luxury image. The development cost to HSV for this was $3 million. The designers of the Senator have also attempted to add a more of a luxury feel to the car instead of favouring the aggressive side. The entry level price for the Senator Signature is $76,990, down $4,000 from the previous model.

Like the E-series HSV GTS, the suspension is fitted with switchable Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) offering Luxury or Performance modes. It does this by electrically adjusting the viscosity of the ferrofluid inside the shock absorbers, producing different damping levels. Magnetic Ride Control also enhances braking by preventing forward weight transfer when the car is under heavy braking. The MRC system development took three years and cost HSV more than $4.5 million. [cite web|url=http://www.editorial.discountnewcars.com.au/mellor/mellor.nsf/story2/288C0E87BFF422E6CA2571D30012EC1B|title=First drive: HSV's E-Series is all class|accessdate=2007-03-08]

Standard gear includes climate control, Blaupunkt sound, cruise control, full trip computer, rear park assist, traction control, Electronic Stability Control, power mirrors and windows. The oil, voltage and temperature gauges are now digital. The interior offers a choice of light urban beige, white or black for the colours. The carpets remain dark as in the Holden Calais V-Series. The Senator Signature also offers a number of options such as a roof mounted DVD player, front park assist, rain sensing wipers and door entry lamps. Satellite navigation will become available as an option in the near future.

The HSV Senator is fitted with a revised version of the 6.0 litre Generation 4 alloy LS2 V8 that delivers Convert|307|kW|hp|0|abbr=on at 6000 rpm and Auto Nm|550|0 at 4400 rpm. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) in under 5.1 seconds, and has a top speed of approximately Auto km/h|273.

Limited Edition Model Timeline

Senator 300

This car was released in 2001 with the VX, continuing on into the Y series. Some features that come standard are 10 stacker CD system, 8 way power controls for the front seats, woodgrain instruments, electric windows, automatic climate control, ABS and front and side airbags. This top of the range model cost $98,850. The Senator 300 was presented to the public at the Melbourne international motor show. Only 33 cars were built and 26 of the 33 built were to go on sale in New Zealand. The engine is a Callaway tuned V8 that produces Convert|300|kW|hp|0|abbr=on of power and is only available with a 6-speed manual gearbox. ABS and a cross-drilled premium brake system were fitted inside 10 spoke 18” chrome shadow wheels. 0-100 km/h (0-60 m/h) takes just 5.3 seconds and can reach 400 meters (1/4 mile) under 13.9 seconds. [cite web|url=http://www.hsv.com.au/news/2001/senator3000.htm|title=HSV Press release|accessdate=2007-01-25]

Senator Skaife Signature Z-Series

The car is a limited edition car that was based on the Z-series Senator with specially designed features added by V8 Supercar racing driver Mark Skaife which he had designed himself. Standard transmission was the 4-speed automatic. Some of the special features that are included with this car is a new colour called Phantom Black and chrome shadow wheel finish. Some of the interior features include remote boot/tail gate and woodgrain. ABS, rear DVD players and 8 speakers. [cite web|url=http://www.hsv.com.au/news/2006/zseries_le.html|title=Racing spirit celebrated in special HSV models|accessdate=2007-01-25]

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* [http://www.hsv.com.au/ HSV.com.au]

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* [http://pascale.customer.netspace.net.au/ Unofficial HSV History Site]

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