Bridging can refer to:


* Building of bridges across a gap


* In electronics, using a low source impedance to drive a large load impedance for maximum voltage transfer, called impedance bridging
* In electronics, a method of connecting a load to two amplifiers to increase available voltage, called a bridged amplifier
* Bridging (networking), a packet forwarding technique used in computer networks
** In particular, the use of this technique to gain control over other players' connectivity Xbox video game "Halo 2", which is very commonly used to cheat in 'matchmade' games on Xbox Live.


* The procedure by which oil products such as diesel or petrol are moved ("bridged") by road tanker from one oil depot to another.
*Using a transport ship to move infantry or armor across bodies of water in one turn in the board game Axis and Allies.


*The binding of an antigen molecule by two IgE antibodies bound to a mast cell or basophil granulocyte, leading to degranulation.


* In grappling, the technique of pushing the hips upwards to offbalance a top opponent, for instance by trying to escape the mount.
* Supporting the cue stick near its tip for a shot in billiards either by hand or sometimes with the help of a mechanical bridge.
* A climbing technique, used for climbing corners.
* In basketball, the act of trying to box out an airborn opponent (while shooting or rebounding, for example), getting under the opponents legs, and causing them to become unbalanced & topple to the ground.


* A technique used in animal training
* A compaction of material at the base of a storage silo which can interfere with the flow of the silo contents.
* In Unitarian Universalist communities, the passing from one age range and its group(s), on into another age range and the group(s) for those occupying it.
* In Girl Scouts of the USA, the move from one age grouping to another (Brownies to Juniors to Cadettes to Seniors) and completion of specific requirements.

For other uses, see Bridge (disambiguation).

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