Explorer (disambiguation)

Explorer (disambiguation)

An explorer is a person involved in exploration

Explorer, explore, exploring or exploration may also refer to:

Aircraft and spacecraft

* Space Adventures Explorer, concept tourist spaceplane
* Explorer program, the United States' first successful attempt to launch an artificial satellite
* Lockheed Explorer, Lockheed Corporation Model 4 airplane
* Abrams P-1 Explorer, American aerial survey aircraft which first flew in 1937
* Space Shuttle "Explorer", a mock-up of the space shuttle


* Ford Explorer, a model of sport utility vehicle


* Explore Scientific, a manufacturer of telescopes, microscopes & binoculars
* Explore Technologies, Inc., a toy manufacturer


* Windows Explorer, the interface for accessing the file system on Microsoft Windows operating systems
* Explore2fs, a Windows Explorer-like program for Microsoft Windows
* Internet Explorer, a web browser developed by Microsoft
* Sun Microsystems Explorer, diagnostic data collection tool for the Sun Solaris operating system
* Explorer/85, expandable learning system by Netronics based on the 8085 microprocessor

Education and youth activities

* Exploring (Learning for Life), former traditional membership program of the Boy Scouts of America
* Explorer Scouts, part of the Scout Association in the United Kingdom
* Kansas Explorer's Club, a section of the Kansas Sampler Foundation dedicated to exploring Kansas
* Explore Learning, a British company founded to provide private learning centres


* "Explorer" (album), 2005 trance music album by Tilt
* "Explorer" (novel), science fiction novel by C. J. Cherryh
* "Explorer" (newspaper), newspaper published in Tucson, Arizona
* "Explorers" ("DS9" episode), an episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
* "Explorers" (film), 1985 science fiction film
* "Exploration" (computer game), 1994 computer strategy game for the Amiga
* "Explore" (TV show), 1980s PBS television show
* "The Explorer" (Hudson), student newspaper from Hudson, Ohio, USA
* "Explorer"-class science vessel, Terran (StarCraft) ship type in the "StarCraft" computer game


* Mineral exploration, process by which useful ore is located
* Oil exploration, process of locating exploitable petroleum deposits

Maritime vessels

*, a patrol vessel of the United States Navy
*, a submarine of the British Royal Navy
* "Sub Marine Explorer", an early submarine built by Julius H. Kroehl
*, a deep-sea recovery or drilling ship
*, a purpose-built expedition ship which sank in 2007
*, a cruise ship, also called "Minerva"
*, a cruise ship


* Explore-At-Bristol, hands-on science museum in Bristol, UK, part of the At-Bristol science and education centre
* Explorer Ridge, mid-ocean ridge on the coast of British Columbia, Canada
* Explorer Seamount, seamount in the Pacific Ocean


* Bradenton Explorers, U.S. Senior Professional Baseball Association team
* Kansas City Explorers, World TeamTennis team
* La Salle Explorers, La Salle University's 23 varsity sports teams
* Sioux City Explorers, a minor league baseball team


* Explorer (dental), an instrument used in dentistry
* Explorer Vodka, Swedish brand of vodka
* Explorer 8300, a make of cable boxes manufactured by Scientific-Atlanta
* Gibson Explorer, a model of guitar also marked as X-plorer and Explorer Pro
* "", an Intelligent Design book published in 2007

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