Equivalents of Duke in other European languages

Equivalents of Duke in other European languages

Many languages have equivalents of Duke.

"The second term is the female form, meaning duchess"

Celtic languages

*Irish Diúc /Bandiúc
*Scottish Gaelic Diùc/Ban-diùc
*Welsh Duc/Duces or Dug/Duges

Germanic languages

*Afrikaans Hertog /Hertogin
*Danish Hertug /Hertuginde
*Dutch Hertog /Hertogin
*Faroese Hertugi / Hertugafrúa
*German Herzog /Herzogin
*Icelandic Hertogi /Hertogafrú
*Luxemburgish Herzog /Herzogin
*Norwegian Hertug /Hertuginne
*Swedish Hertig /Hertiginna

Romance languages

*French Duc /Duchesse
*Catalan Duc /Duquessa
*Italian Duca /Duchessa
*Latin (feudal) Dux/Ducissa
*Maltese Duka/ Dukessa
*Monegasque Düka /Düchessa
*Portuguese Duque /Duquesa
*Rhaeto-Romanic Duca /Duchessa
*Romanian Duce /Ducesă
*Spanish Duque /Duquesa

lavic and Baltic languages

*Belorussian hertsag /hertsaginya
*Bosnian vojvoda /vojvotkinja
*Bulgarian voyvoda, hertsog /hertsoginya
*Croatian vojvoda /vojvotkinja
*Czech vévoda /vévodkyně
*Latvian hercogs /hercogiene
*Lithuanian hercogas, kunigaikštis /hercogienė, kunigaikštienė
*Macedonian voyvoda /voyvotka
*Polish książę /księżna
*Russian hertsog /hertsogina
*Serbian vojvoda /vojvotkinja
*Slovak vojvoda /vojvodkyňa
*Slovene vojvoda /vojvodinja
*Ukrainian hertsog /hertsoginya

Other linguistic families

*Albanian Dukë /Dukeshë
*Estonian Hertsog /Hertsoginna
*Finnish Herttua /Herttuatar
*Greek Doux (formal), Doukas (spoken)/Doukissa (both)
*Hungarian Herceg /Hercegnő - but compare its use in hercegprímás
*Turkish Dük / Düşes

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