RAC as a three letter acronym that may refer to:

* RAC plc, a British motorist's organisation
* RAC Foundation, a British motoring advocacy group
* Radio Amateurs of Canada/Radio Amateurs du Canada, an association of Canadian amateur radio operators
* Recording Artists' Coalition, an American music industry organization that represents recording artists.
* The Remix Artist Collective (RAC), a rock/electronica remixing agency for musical artists
* Oracle RAC, a computer cluster database sold by the Oracle corporation
* Regulatory Affairs Certification, a professional certification of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society
* Religious Action Center, the political outreach body of Reform Judaism in the United States.
* Remote access card, for out-of-band communication with a computer
* Rent-A-Center, an American public furniture and electronics rent to own company
* Reservation against Cancellation, rail transport in India
* Retirement Annuity Contract, a type of UK pension plan
* Riverside Arts Council, an art council in California, USA
* Rock Against Communism, a series of concerts featuring white power music, as well as a term for white power music in general
* Romeo A. Crennel, head coach in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns, often referred to as RAC by his players.
* Royal African Company, a slave-trade company
* Royal Armoured Corps, a corps of the British Army
* Rhodesian Armoured Corps, a regiment of the Rhodesian Army
* Royal Automobile Club, a private club in Pall Mall, London
* Russian Aircraft Corporation, Russia's first national aircraft manufacturer
* Rutgers Athletic Center, the basketball arena at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey
* Retriever Activities Center, the arena at UMBC in Catonsville, Maryland
* Ryukyu Air Commuter, an affiliate of Japan Airlines
* Rwanda Automobile Club, a member of the FIARAC or Rac may refer to:
* Rac (GTPase)
* Rac or Raci, a name used to designate Serbs, Bunjevci, and Šokci in Middle Ages and the early modern times
* RACA, the oldest motoring organisation in Australia
* RAC WA, the Western Australian motoring club
* John H. Batten Airport in Racine, WI

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