Aconcagua River

Aconcagua River

The Aconcagua River is a river in Chile that rises from the joint of two minor tributary rivers at convert|1430|m above sea level in the Andes, Juncal river from the east (which rise in the Juncal mountain) and Blanco river from the south east. Aconcagua river flows westward through a broad valley, the Valle del Aconcagua (Aconcagua's Valley), and enters the Pacific ocean convert|20|km north of Valparaíso.

The river has a course of about convert|142|km, and its waters irrigate the most populous sections of the Chilean provinces of San Felipe de Aconcagua and Los Andes, being the most important economic resource of those regions. During the course of the Aconcagua river, it receives the contribution of many others rivers and swamps, reaching a mean flow of convert|39|m3/s.

Although it has the same name, Aconcagua river does not rise in the slopes of the mount Aconcagua, which is entirely in Argentina about convert|20|km from the beginning of the river, in the Chilean territory.


* [ Cuenca del río Aconcagua]
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* [ Aconcagua River Map]

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