1737 in music

1737 in music


*April - George Frideric Handel suffers a probable stroke, resulting in the temporary paralysis of his right arm.
* William Boyce conducts the Three Choirs Festival

Classical music



*Domenico Alberti - "Endimione"
*Giovanni Bononcini - "Zenobia"
*George Frideric Handel - "Berenice" and "Arminio"
*John Frederick Lampe and Henry Carey - "The Dragon of Wantley"
*Leonardo Leo - "Parnace"
*Jean-Philippe Rameau - "Castor et Pollux"


* March 9 - Josef Mysliveček, composer (died 1781)
* September 14 - Michael Haydn (died 1806)


* December 18 - Antonio Stradivari (born 1644)

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