Varsity match

Varsity match

A varsity match is a sporting fixture between two university rivals.

Popular British and Irish Varsity matches

*University of Oxford v. University of Cambridge
**The Boat Race for rowing
**The Varsity Match for rugby union
**Rugby League Varsity Match for rugby league
**The University Match (cricket) for cricket
**The Varsity Match for golf
**Ice Hockey Varsity Match
*University College Dublin v. Dublin University
**The Colours Match for rugby union
*The Bottle Match: Royal School of Mines v. Camborne School of Mines
*The Welsh Varsity: Cardiff University v. Swansea University
*The Granite City Challenge: University of Aberdeen v. Robert Gordon University
*Harper Adams University College v. Royal Agricultural College
*The Tay Games Intervarsity Challenge: University of Abertay Dundee v. University of Dundee
*University of Brighton v. University of Sussex
*University of Bristol v. University of the West of England, Bristol
*University of East Anglia v. University of Essex
*University of Kent v. Canterbury Christ Church University
*University of Liverpool v. Liverpool John Moores University
*University of Manchester v. Manchester Metropolitan University
*Newcastle University v. Durham University
*University of Nottingham v. Nottingham Trent University
*University of Sheffield v. Sheffield Hallam University
*University of Warwick v. Coventry University
*University of York v. Lancaster University, known as The Roses Tournament, after The Wars of the Roses.
*Inter Varsity Dance Competition
*University of Bath v. Loughborough University
*King's College London v. University College London
*Trinity College Dublin v. Queen's University Belfast
*University of Sunderland v. University of Teesside
*King's College London v. King's College London Medical Schools : The "Macadam Cup"
*Keele University v. Staffordshire University
*Aberystwyth University v. Bangor University
*De Montfort University v. University of Leicester
*University of Derby v. University of Lincoln
*Imperial College London v. Imperial College School of Medicine

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*School rivalry
*College athletics
*Varsity team

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