List of Wainwrights

List of Wainwrights

" (1955–1966). Over two million copies of the "Pictorial Guides" have been sold worldwide since their publication. ["Wainwright guides saved", "BBC News", 13 February 2003, Retrieved 22 October 2006.]

Visiting all 214 Wainwrights is a common form of peak bagging. The Long Distance Walkers Association maintains a register of walkers who have completed the Wainwrights; in November 2007 there were 459 people on the list, of whom 40 had completed more than once. [ [ Long Distance Walkers Association – Hill Walkers Register] . Retrieved 7 March 2008.] Dave Hewitt estimates that the total number of completers could be over 50% higher than the LDWA's figure. [Dave Hewitt, "Interlude: A few thoughts on Fellbagging" in Hewitt (ed.), "A Bit of Grit on Haystacks" (Disley: Millrace, 2004), pp. 87–88] The Ramblers Association reported in 2008 that a boy of six years, four months and 27 days had become the youngest person to complete the Wainwrights. [cite journal | title =Youngster's sweet feat | journal=Walk: the magazine of the Rambler's Association | issue=18: Spring 2008 | pages=15]

The term is occasionally extended to include the fells mentioned in Wainwright's supplementary volume "The Outlying Fells of Lakeland" (1974), although this article only lists the original 214 fells. The said fells are listed here by book, sorted in descending order of height. See also List of fells in the Lake District for a full list in height order.

Book One: The Eastern Fells

Book Four: The Southern Fells

rect 23 372 252 419 Slight Side (762m)rect 173 794 560 834 Scafell East Buttressrect 707 787 893 861 Esk Pike or Crag (885m)rect 245 303 409 358 Sca Fell (964m)rect 408 238 637 280 Mickledore (c.840m)rect 544 174 826 213 South Summit (<978m)rect 706 310 928 355 Scafell Pike (978m)rect 870 238 1108 286 Broad Crag (934mrect 1043 308 1198 360 Ill Crag (935m)rect 1238 311 1446 351 Great End (910m)rect 0 0 1444 1085 Click hyperlink or button to expanddesc none

Book Seven: The Western Fells

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*Hill lists in the British Isles


*cite book |author=Wainwright, A |title= A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells, Book 1: The Eastern Fells |id = ISBN 0-7112-2454-4 |year= 1955
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