VR can mean:
*Virtual reality.
**VR Photography.
**VR Troopers.
*DVD-VR is an editable DVD format.
*Video recorder
*Nikon's Vibration Reduction anti-shake lens technology.
*Vatican Radio - the official broadcasting service of the Vatican.
*Vlada Roslyakova - a Russian fashion model.
*Voluntary Redundancy.
*Holden VR Commodore, an automobile introduced by Holden in 1993.
*VR Group - a Finnish railway company, formerly known as Valtionrautatiet "(State Railways)".
*Vetenskapsrådet, the Sweedish Research Council.
*Vengeance Rising, a Christian thrash metal band.
*Velvet Revolver, a hard rock supergroup.
*The IATA airline designator code for Cape Verde Airlines.
*Victorian Railways of the Australian state of Victoria.
*Spectre VR, an enhanced version of Spectre (computer game)
*Virtual Racing - An arcade racing game by SEGA (Usually abbreviated V.R.)
*Bristol VR, a double-decker bus built by the Bristol Commercial Vehicles.
*An aircraft's vertical rotation speed VR.
*Three buildings on the University of Iceland campus.
*Virðing-Réttlæti, The Commercial Workers' Union of Reykjavík, Iceland.
*VR was also the royal cypher of Queen Victoria, and is sometimes found as an abbreviation for her.
*Very Respectfully - used in abbreviated form in military correspondence. Normally used by junior rank to somebody of senior rank

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