* Adventure Soft, UK-based video game developer which was established in the 1980s by Mike Woodroffe
* Cocktail Soft, Japanese H game manufacturer
* Hudson Soft, Japanese publisher and developer
* Illusion Soft, company from Yokohama, Japan
* L-Soft, provider of electronic mailing list management and marketing software
* Monolith Soft, entertainment company in Japan
* NCsoft, South Korean based online computer game company


* Soft commodity, commodity that is grown, rather than mined
* Soft count, process for counting banknotes in a casino or bank
* Soft currency, form of money in use around the world


* "Soft!", novel by Rupert Thomson
* "The Soft Machine", novel by William S. Burroughs


* Soft (band), a New York indie rock band
* "Soft", song by "Kings of Leon" from their album "Aha Shake Heartbreak"
* "Soft Ballet", Japanese industrial and synthpop band
* "Soft Cell", English synthesizer duo during the early 1980s
* "Soft Machine", pioneering English psychedelic, progressive rock and jazz fusion band from Canterbury
* Soft pedal, one of the standard pedals on a piano
* Soft rock, style of music which uses the techniques of rock and roll to compose a softer, supposedly more ear-pleasing sound for listening
* "The Soft Bulletin", the ninth album released by "The Flaming Lips"
* "The Soft Machine" (album), 1968 album by "Soft Machine"
* "The Soft Parade", studio album by the psychedelic rock band "The Doors"
* Soft/Rock, a single by Lemon Jelly featuring the tracks "Soft" and "Rock"


* Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corporation, U.S. court case between a commercial photographer and a search engine company
* Soft focus, term used in photography and optics to describe a lens flawSoft: Comftable


* Soft balancing, recent addition to balance of power theory used to describe non-military forms of balancing
* Soft law, quasi-legal instruments which do not have any binding force
* Soft left, the more moderate left wing forces in the British Labour Party in the 1980s
* Soft money, indirect, unregulated donations to organizations that support a candidate but are not officially affiliated to his or her campaign
* Soft paternalism, political philosophy


* Soft palate, soft tissue constituting the back of the roof of the mouth
* Soft rush, common plant native in most temperate countries
* Soft tissue, tissue that connects, supports, or surrounds other structures or organs of the body

Computer science

* Dojin soft, video games created by Japanese hobbyists or hobbyist groups
* Soft computing, collection of new computational techniques in computer science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
* Soft error, signal or datum which is wrong in electronics and computing
* Soft heap, variant on the simple heap data structure in computer science
* Soft hyphen, point at which a word may be broken
* Soft microprocessor, microprocessor core written on any hardware description language
* Soft phone, piece of software for making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose computer
* Soft reboot, restarting a computer under software control
* Soft return, automatically-entered return in a word processor when the text reaches the end of the line
* Soft updates, approach to maintaining disk integrity after a crash or power outage in computer file systems

Other science

* Soft matter, condensed phase
* Soft science, academic research or scholarship whose adherence to scientific principle is questionable
* Soft water, types of water that contain few or no calcium or magnesium ions
* The opposite of one of the many types of hardness
* The opposite of the texture roughness


* Soft drink, almost any cold drink that does not contain alcohol
* Soft gamma repeater, astronomical object
* Soft handover, feature used by the CDMA standard
* Soft lithography, set of methods for fabricating or replicating structures
* Soft polytheism, variety of polytheism
* Soft security, security which protects something from harm in quiet and unobtrusive ways
* Soft sign, symbol in the Cyrillic alphabet
* Soft skills, cluster of personality traits, social graces, facility with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that mark people
* Soft systems methodology, approach to organisational process modelling
* Soft target, unarmored or otherwise unprotected object to be destroyed
* Soft Tennis, racket game played on a court of two halves

ee also

* Microsoft
* Soft soap
* Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
* Soft-shelled
* Soft-skinned
* Software (disambiguation)

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