Employee branding

Employee branding

Minchington (2005) defines Employee branding as "the image projected by employees through their behaviours, attitudes and actions". This image is impacted on by employees' attitude and engagement towards the employer brand image promoted through the culture of the organisation. Employee branding can influence the perception of the employment experience offered to current and future employees.

There has been research in the employee branding field that has offered a clear definition and differentiation with employer brand and employee brand. The term was clearly defined by Miles and Mangold in 2004 when they presented a definition and a framework for understanding the employee branding concept. This article was published by "Journal of Relationship Marketing", Vol. 3 (2/3), pages 65-87. In this article, employee branding is defined as "the process by which employees internalized the desired brand image and are motivated to project the image to customers and other organizational consituents". More recently, Miles and Mangold further differentiated employee branding from the term employee brand. Printed in Business Horizons (2007),50, pages 423-433, employee brand is the image that is presented to organizational customers and organizational constituents. This image can be positive or negative, and may not always reflect the image the organization desires.

Employee branding is an indirect branding effect in which the communication of company employees serves to characterise their company's employer brand. The term also refers to the effects that company employees have on the image of their employer and the employer brand by publicly voicing their opinion on their place of work.

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