Abdus Salam (Bengali Language Movement demonstrator)

Abdus Salam (Bengali Language Movement demonstrator)

Abdus Salam ( _bn. আবদুস সালাম ) (1925 — April 7, 1952) was a demonstrator who died during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations which took place in the erstwhile East Pakistan (currently Bangladesh), in 1952. He was born in Luxmipur village of Feni District.

Salam was the son of Mohd Fajil Miah. He was a staff member of the industrial directorate.

On February 21, 1952 the students denied Section 144 and broke out in an agitation at Dhaka Medical College to make Bangla one of the state language of Pakistan, Salam took part in that procession and was shot by the police. He was then taken to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital and were treated over a month there. But he failed to recover and breathed his last on April 17, 1952. He was awarded Ekushey Padak in February 2000.

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