James Dunn (ice hockey)

James Dunn (ice hockey)

James "Jimmy" Dunn (March 24, 1898 – January 7, 1979) was a Canadian sportsman who dedicated himself to amateur hockey in his native Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dunn was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1968.


James Dunn was playing minor league hockey during the outbreak of World War I. In 1916, he enlisted at the age of 17 and returned from the war crippled with trench foot. Unable to play he became involved in the administrative world of hockey promoting a number of teams to the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association in 1927.

From 1921 to 1947 Dunn was employed as the chief secretary and convenor for the MAHA. The following year he was promoted to vice president and three years later began a six year tenure as president. In the 1950s Dunn found himself with the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association, working his way up from second vice president to first vice president until reaching president status in 1955.


*Served on the Hockey Hall of Fame Selection Committee (1961)
*Served as secretary-treasurer of the Manitoba Hockey Players Foundation, Inc.
*Convenor of the Centennial World tournament (1967)
*President of the Greater Winnipeg Men's and Girls' Senior Baseball Leagues
*Vice president of the Western Canada Baseball Association.


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