Dry box

Dry box

A dry box is a storage container in which the interior is kept at a low level of humidity.

Dry boxes are used to safely store items which would otherwise be damaged or adversely affected by excessive humidity, such as cameras and lenses (to prevent fungal growth), and musical instruments (to prevent humidity induced swelling or shrinkage of wooden instrument parts). They are also used in the storage of surface mount electronic components prior to circuit board assembly.



Desiccant boxes

A simple dry box can consist of nothing more than a sealed, airtight box containing a desiccant such as silica gel or anhydrous calcium chloride. These can be easily built at relatively low cost. However, the humidity level in such boxes cannot be controlled or regulated owing to the difficulty of gauging the quantity of desiccant required to achieve a certain humidity level.

Electronic dry boxes

Electronic dry boxes contain a small peltier cooler, which remove moisture from the air by condensing it out. A control dial is usually provided which permits the user rough adjustment of the humidity level. More sophisticated designs link the cooler to a settable digital hygrometer, allowing very precise humidity level control.


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