Anavil Brahmin

Anavil Brahmin

Anavil Brahmin is one of the sub-castes of Brahmin caste.

Anavil Brahmins are from and the majority of them are still located in the area including Valsad District and Surat District in south Gujarat. Other Brahmin sub-castes like Anavil Brahmins are Bhumihar Brahmins, Chitpawan Brahmins, Namboothiri Brahmins, Niyogi Brahmins, Havyak Brahmins and Tyagi Brahmins because of tracing their origin to the descendants of Parashurama and Brahmarshi Vishvamitra according to mythology.

One of the widely known personalities is Mr. Morarji Desai, former prime minister of India.

Notable Anavil Brahmins

* Swami Sahajanand Saraswati Dandi Sanyasi of Dashnami Order; eminent nationalist; peasant leader; writer and scholar in Sanskrit, Hindi and English.
* Morarji Desai, Former prime minister of India
* Mahadev Desai, close associate of Mahatma Gandhi
* Manmohan Desai, famous film producer & director.
* A.M. Naik, MD Larsen and Toubro
* Rodger Desai, producer
* H.K. Desai, CEO & Chairman of QLogic Co. USA

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