Express may refer to:

Media and communication

* The term "express" may refer to express mail, or parcels carried by train, bus, airplane or by courier.
* Express (satellite) is the name of a communication satellite.
* The Daily Express is a British newspaper.
* Express (newspaper) is a free daily newspaper in Washington, D.C.
* Express (Kosovar newspaper) is a daily newspaper in Priština, Kosovo (Serbia).
* Express (German newspaper) is a tabloid in the German Rhineland.
Highway 401 (Ontario) Express


* "The Express" was the usual name for the York Factory Express, also known as the Columbia Express, a shipment of Hudson's Bay Company books and personnel between company HQ at York Factory and Columbia Department HQ at Fort Vancouver. The term was also used for an earlier run by the North West Company from Fort William on Lake Superior to Fort George (Astoria) at the mouth of the Columbia River.
* An express train is a fast train service, usually with a limited number of stops.
* The Chevrolet Express is a van built by Chevrolet.
* Express Werke AG was a mid-20th century German bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer.
* The Honda Express is a motor scooter brand by Honda developed in the 1980s.

Popular culture

* Express (song) was a 1974 hit song performed by the B.T. Express.
* Express (album) is the second album by the band Love and Rockets.


* The Air21 Express, a Philippine basketball team
* The Ra'anana Express, an Israeli baseball team
* The Round Rock Express, a Class AAA baseball team in Round Rock, Texas
* The Saint-Laurent Highschool, soccer, basket and volleyball team


* Express rifle designates a powerful type of rifle.
* Express (company) is a men's and women's clothing company.
* EXPRESS is the data modeling language of STEP (ISO 10303).
* In rock climbing "express" is the combination of a tube band sling and two carabiners at each side.
* ExPRESS (Expedite the Processing of Experiments to the Space Station) is the name of an International Space Station payloads program, consisting of two types of subsystems:
** Pressurized elements, supported by the ExPRESS Rack
** Unpressurized (external) elements, supported by the ExPRESS Logistics Carrier.

See also

* EXPRESS disambiguation page
* Espresso
* Expression
* Xpress

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