Biological monitoring working party

Biological monitoring working party

The biological monitoring working party (BMWP) is a procedure for measuring water quality using species of macroinvertebrates as biological indicators.

The method is based on the principle that different aquatic invertebrates have different tolerances to pollutants. The presence of mayflies or stoneflies for instance indicate the cleanest waterways and are given a tolerance score of 10 [] . The lowest scoring invertebrates are worms ("Oligochaeta") which score 1. The number of different macroinvertebrates is also an important factor, because a better water quality is assumed to result in a higher diversity.

Kick sampling, where a net is placed downstream from the sampler and the river bed is agitated with the foot for a given period of time (the standard is 3 minutes), is employed. Any macroinvertebrates caught in the net are stored and preserved with an alcohol solution, and identified to the family level, this can be done with the live organisms as well.

The BMWP score equals the sum of the tolerance scores of all macroinvertebrate families in the sample. A higher BMWP score is considered to reflect a better water quality. Alternatively, also the Average Score Per Taxon (ASPT) score is calculated. The ASPT equals the average of the tolerance scores of all macroinvertebrate families found, and ranges from 0 to 10. The main difference between both indices is that ASPT does not depend on the family richness. Once BMWP and ASPT are calculated, the Lincoln Quality Index (LQI) is used to asses the water quality in the Anglia Water Authority area.

Other indices that can be used to asses water quality are the Chandler Score and the Trent Biotic Index.

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