List of detective fiction authors

List of detective fiction authors

This is a list of Detective fiction authors. Many of these authors may also overlap with authors of crime fiction, mystery fiction, or thriller fiction.

*Margery Allingham, (1904-1966)
*Frank Arnau, (1894 - 1976) (pseudonym of Heinrich Schmitt)
*E.C. Bentley, (1875-1956)
*Larry Beinhart
*Earl Derr Biggers, (1884-1933)
*Emery Bonett
*John Bonett
*Leigh Brackett, (1915-1978)
*Collin Brooks, (1893 - 1959)
*Lilian Jackson Braun
*James Lee Burke, (born 1936)
*John Dickson Carr, (1905-1977)
*Raymond Chandler, (1888-1959)
*Leslie Charteris, (1907-1993)
*G. K. Chesterton, (1874-1936)
*Agatha Christie, (1890-1976)
*Edmund Crispin, (1921-1978)
*Brian Cleeve, (1921-2003)
*Michael Collins, (pseudonym of Dennis Lynds, 1924-2005)
*Michael Connelly, (born 1956)
*Patricia Cornwell, (born 1956)
*Robert Crais
*Amanda Cross, (1926-2003), (pseudonym of Carolyn Gold Heilbrun)
*Jordan Dane
*Lindsey Davis
*Jeffery Deaver, (born 1950)
*Colin Dexter, (born 1930)
*Graham Diamond
*David Dodge, (1910-1974)
*Arthur Conan Doyle, (1859-1930)
*Francis Durbridge
*Loren D. Estleman
*Charles Finch, (born 1980)
*R. Austin Freeman
*Kinky Friedman, (born 1944)
*Gayleen Froese, (born 1972)
*Jacques Futrelle
*Frances Fyfield, pseudonym of Frances Hegarty
*Erle Stanley Gardner, (1889-1970)
*Sue Grafton, (born 1940)
*Alan Gordon, (born 1959)
*Chester Gould, (1900-1985)
*Dashiell Hammett, (1894-1961)
*John Harvey
*Edmund Wallace Hildick, (1925-2001)
*Barry Hughart
*Michael Innes, (1906-1994)
*Dennis Lehane
*Dennis Lynds, (1924-2005)
*P. D. James, (born 1920)
*J. A. Jance
*Natsuo Kirino, (born 1951)
*Andrew Klavan
*Paul Levinson, (born 1947)
*John D. MacDonald, (1916-1986)
*Ross MacDonald, (1915-1983)(pseudonym of Kenneth Millar)
*Henning Mankell, (born 1948)
*Ngaio Marsh, (1895-1982)
*James McClure, (born 1939)
*Jimmy McGovern
*Margaret Murphy
*Gladys Mitchell, (1901-1983)
*Christopher G. Moore, (born 1952)
*Reggie Nadelson
*Friedrich Neznansky
*Joyce Carol Oates
*Robert B. Parker, (born 1932)
*Eliot Pattison
*Ellis Peters, (1913-1995),(pseudonym of Edith Pargeter)
*Edgar Allan Poe, (1809-1849)
*Ellery Queen, (pseudonym of Frederick Dannay and Manfred B. Lee)
*Ian Rankin, (born 1960)
*Kathy Reichs
*Ruth Rendell, (born 1930)
*Les Roberts
*Dorothy L. Sayers, (1893-1957)
*Steven Saylor, (born 1956)
*Georges Simenon, (1903-1989)
*Sjöwall and Wahlöö
*Mickey Spillane, (born 1918)
*Rex Stout, (1886-1975)
*Leonie Swann
*Cheryl Kaye Tardif
*Josephine Tey, (1896-1952)
*Andrew Vachss, (born 1942)
*Jack Vance, (born 1916)
*Janwillem van de Wetering, (born 1931)
*Robert van Gulik
*Barbara Vine pseudonym of Ruth Rendell
*H. Russell Wakefield, (1888-1964)
*Patricia Wentworth (1878-1961)

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* [ Classic Crime fiction] Resource site for collectors of detective fiction

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