Twin-X is a group of twin brothers Kenny and Tywo Isaac-Akintoye that hail from the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo state. They started music from the church in 1991, but their current style is influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Ebenezer Obey, Fela Kuti, Wyclef Jean etc. They debuted in 2001 as “Twinax” with the song “Mother mi”, a song that became one of the greatest evergreen Nigerian songs of all time; this made their name synonymous with motherhood. The effort also got them award nominations including best upcoming act at The Era Awards 2001. The group after setting up a 15 man band and successfully breaking into other African countries like Ghana and South Africa, moved on to their next project which was the release of the hit Album “Plenty Money”. This produced several chart busters which took their fame higher and took their dreams to the next level as they became one of the most played Nigerian artistes in the UK, with a fan base that spreads across Asia, Europe and America. They were awarded the Best Duo at the Gbedu Awards 2005 and nominated for the Best Group at the Niche Awards 2005. In the year 2006, they floated their own label “Deuce Records” and got on the play list of the BBC, this same year, they were offered an endorsement deal by O’dua Telecoms which led to the recording of a special Album “Purple Jamz” for the brand O’net. Their music is a fusion of contemporary Africaness with pop/R&B, with a wide international fan base and an image that opens doors and represents originality in the showbiz/entertainment industry, having featured on Nigeria’s biggest platforms alongside several international stars like Jah-Rule, Lagbaja, Kevin Little, Femi Kuti, Wesley Snipes, Magic System among others. The twin over the past few years have established themselves among Nigeria’s leading recording artistes. In the course of their career they have had a successful tour of Nigerian higher institutions; they have also been involved with several events developmental to up and coming artistes, and they have a charity project dedicated to the motherless children. Tywo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, while Kenny has a national diploma in Science Laboratory technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Twin-X’s brand new Album for the year 2007 is titled “Home and Away” and it is due to hit the Nigerian market in December as promotional tracks towards the release; Oya, Home&Away, have been enjoying airplay and positive reviews on major Radio stations across the country. In partnership with US based management company; Bishop Entertainment Consult, the international release is due in 2008. The album features some of Nigeria’s top producers like Don Jazzy, Paul Play Dairo, Dr Frabz, K-Solo, etc. and collaborations with both established and upcoming talented artistes. Also on the way is the official Home & Away Tour [HAT] which is also an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign project, it is planned to take Twin-X across major Nigerian tertiary institutions within the first quarter of 2008.

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