Shower (disambiguation)

Shower (disambiguation)

A shower can be:


* A shower, a short period of rain or snow or hail or sleet
** Mango showers, pre-monsoon showers in the Indian states of Karnataka and Kerala that help in the ripening of mangoes
** Sunshower, an unusual meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining
** Wintry showers, an informal meteorological term for various mixtures of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow

For washing

* Shower, a booth for washing, usually in a bathroom, having an overhead nozzle that sprays water down on the body. Also called shower bath
** See Shower#Types of shower for types of shower
** See Shower#Equipment used in showers for equipment used in showers


* Gatorade shower, a sports tradition where a cooler full of iced Gatorade is dumped over a football coach's head following a meaningful win
* Golden shower, a sexual fetish in which participants derive sexual pleasure from urine and urination
* Shower (juggling), a juggling pattern for balls and bean bags, where the objects are thrown in a circular motion
* Shower singing, a habit-type activity that takes place while taking a shower


* April Showers, a song introduced in the 1921 Broadway musical "Bombo," where it was performed by Al Jolson
* Golden Shower of Hits, the third album by the hardcore band Circle Jerks
* Rhythm Shower, an album by The Upsetters, released in 1973
* Shower the People, the opening track on James Taylor's 1976 album "In the Pocket"
* Shower Your Love, a 1999 song by Kula Shaker
* Singing in the Shower, a song title from various performers
* Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers, an album by Solas, was released in 1997
* Sunshower (Thelma Houston album), the debut album of Thelma Houston released in 1969
* Sunshowers, the second single from M.I.A.'s album, "Arular"
* The Power of Shower, the first full-length studio album from Dan Bălan's Crazy Loop act. The album was released in 2007


* April's Shower, a 2006 romantic comedy film
* Between Showers, a 1914 short film made by Keystone Studios and directed by Henry Lehrman
* Cold Showers, a French 2005 film directed by Antony Cordier
* In Which Addison Finds a Showerhead, the fifth episode of the first season from the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off show, "Private Practice"
* "Shower" (film), an award-winning 1999 Chinese drama / comedy film
* The Shower/La Douche, a 1999 short film by the Lebanese director Michel Kammoun
* A Description of a City Shower, a poem by the Anglo-Irish poet Jonathan Swift, written in 1710


* My Cold Shower, the 136th episode of the American sitcom "Scrubs"
* Shower Game, a 1978 pricing game on the American television game show, "The Price Is Right"
* Shower of Stars, a variety television series broadcast in the United States in the mid-1950s by CBS
* The Baby Shower, disambiguation for two television episodes:
** The Baby Shower (SATC episode), the tenth episode of the first season of the television series "Sex and the City" that first aired in 1998
** The Baby Shower (Seinfeld episode), the fifteenth episode of "Seinfeld" that first aired in 1991
* The Shower Head, the 126th episode of NBC sitcom "Seinfeld" that first aired in 1996
* The Shower, the 25th episode of the FOX television series, "The O.C." that first aired in 2004


* Baby shower, a party in which parents or expectant parents receive gifts for their newborn or expected child
* Bridal shower, a gift giving party given for a bride before her wedding


* Ambersunshower, R&B singer and former member of the rap duo Groove Garden
* Christopher Showerman, American actor born in 1971
* Derek Showers, former Welsh professional footballer and Welsh international born in 1953
* Edward Maclean Showers, 19th century British soldier, police officer, and Chief Constable
* Glenn Morshower, American actor known for his recurring role as Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce on the television drama "24"
* Golden Shower (band), an electronic music duo from São Paulo, Brazil
* Jacob Shower, American politician from the 1850s
* Kathy Shower, "Playboy's" Playmate of the Month for May 1985 and Playmate of the Year for 1986
* Reggie Showers, two-time motorcycle drag racing world champion born in 1964


* Akeno Giant Air Shower Array, a very large surface telescope array designed to study the origin of ultra-high energy cosmic rays
* Chicago Air Shower Array, a very large telescope array of scintillation counters located in Utah, United States
* Meteor shower, a celestial event where a group of meteors are observed to radiate from one point in the sky
** List of meteor showers
** Radiant (meteor shower), a point in the sky, from which (to a planetary observer) meteors appear to originate
* Particle shower, a cascade of secondary subatomic particles produced from a high-energy particle interacting with dense matter
** Air shower (physics), an extensive (many kilometres wide) cascade of ionized particles and electromagnetic radiation produced in the atmosphere when a "primary" cosmic ray (i.e. one of extraterrestrial origin) enters our atmosphere


* Golden Shower Tree, a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, native to southern Asia
* Mount Showers, a mountain rising in Antarctica
* Shower-curtain effect, a physics phenomenon in which a shower curtain gets blown inward with a running shower

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