Cutting (disambiguation)

Cutting (disambiguation)

Cutting is the division or separation of a physical object with an edged instrument.

Cutting may also refer to:


  • Andy Cutting (born 1969), English folk musician and composer
  • Ben Cutting (born 1987), Australian cricketer
  • Bronson M. Cutting (1888–1935), U.S. Senator from New Mexico, publisher and military attaché
  • Doug Cutting, open-source search advocate
  • Francis B. Cutting (1804–1870), U.S. Representative from New York
  • Francis Cutting (c. 1550-1595/6), English lutenist and composer
  • Fred Cutting (1921–1997), English footballer
  • Harmon S. Cutting (1830–1884),American mayor of Buffalo, New York
  • James Ambrose Cutting (1814–1867), American photographer and inventor
  • John T. Cutting (1844–1911), U.S. Representative from California
  • Mary Stewart Cutting (1851–1928), American author and suffragist
  • William Bayard Cutting (1850–1912), American sugar beet refiner and financier

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