Pip may refer to:

Noun and name


* Pip, any of the backup singers for Gladys Knight in the American R&B group "Gladys Knight & the Pips," active from 1953 to 1989
* Pip, short for Philip Pirrip, the name given by Charles Dickens to the protagonist of the semi-autobiographical novel "Great Expectations"
* Pip (South Park), a recurring "South Park" character, clearly inspired by the Dickens character (see above)
* Pip (South Park episode), an episode of "South Park", in which Pip is the main character
* Pip the Troll, Adam Warlock's friend in Marvel Comics
* Pip, the hero and playing character of the "Grailquest" gamebooks
* Francis "Pip" Pumphandle, a one-shot character on "Animaniacs", voiced by Ben Stein
* Pip (Chrono Cross), a character from the SquareSoft RPG "Chrono Cross"
* Pip (minidrag), the pet of Flinx from the Humanx Commonwealth science fiction novels
*Pip, the cabin boy of the Pequod in the novel "Moby-Dick"
*Pip, nickname of Chiana on the television series, Farscape.
* Pip, Pip Williams the British record producer
* Pip, a character in the Japanese manga "Hellsing"
* Pip, a fictional persona created by Tori Amos on her album American Doll Posse, her embodiment of Athena

Numerics and counting

* Pip, a dot indicating a unit of numerical value on dice or dominoes
* Pip, a mark indicating the suit or numerical value of a playing card
* Pip in forex trading is the smallest unit by which a currency may change value
* Pip, The distance between 2 spaces on a Backgammon board.

Rank insignia

* Pip, an informal name for the star of the Order of the Bath when used as a rank insignia in the British army and police force
* A rank insignia on Star Trek officer uniforms.


* Pip, the seed of several fruits such as apples and oranges
* Pip, the Greenwich Time Signal
* Peripheral Interchange Program or PIP, the file copy program for CP/M and PDP-11 computers, which was replaced by COPY in MS-DOS
* In Praise of Pip an episode from "The Twilight Zone"
* Pip, the chipmunk in the Disney film "Enchanted"


PIP is a three letter acronym with numerous meanings. It may refer to:

Political Parties

* Puerto Rican Independence Party

Computer technology

*Parallel interface port
*Peripheral Interchange Program (PDP, VAX, CP/M)
*Prefix, infix and postfix mathematical notations
*Point in polygon algorithm (computer graphics)
*Private IP
*Personal Identity Provider, another term for OpenID provider.
*Priority inheritance protocol

Biology and medicine

*Peak Inspiratory Pressure
*Prolactin-induced protein
*Proximal interphalangeal joint


*Palisades Interstate Parkway, a parkway in the U.S. states of New Jersey and New York
*Personal injury protection, an extension of car insurance available in some American states, which covers medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.
*Performance improvement plan
*Picture-in-picture, feature from some televisions.
*Policy Ineffectiveness Proposition (Economics)
*Predicted impact point (missiles)
*Process Industry Practices, Chemical process industry standardized requirement specifications and guidelines (e.g.: Petrochemical)
*Profile ignition pickup
* Royal Mail's Pricing in Proportion initiative
*Pug Impression Pad (Wildlife: Pugmark Tracking)
*Partner Interface Processes (Rosettanet)
*Percentage in point (finance)

ee also

*Pips (disambiguation)

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