Hidar Fen Ajidica is a fictional character from the "Dune" universe created by Frank Herbert. He was the Tleilaxu Master in charge of Project Amal.

In the "Prelude to Dune" novels, Project Amal was an early attempt by the Tleilaxu to create synthetic melange in order to remove dependence upon the planet Arrakis, by that time the only source of melange in the Known Universe.

Upon presenting their idea to the Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX, in 10,154 A.G. the Tleilaxu were granted the right to occupy the planet Ix by force (with the help of Elrood's Sardaukar army) and remake it into a laboratory station for the project. The old Emperor wanted to remove the spice monopoly by making sure that he had the only access to it, thus controlling the Spacing Guild. The Tleilaxu subsequently renamed Ix 'Xuttuh' after their founder. In the year 10,156 A.G., Elrood IX was assassinated by the Imperial Court's Count Hasimir Fenring at the behest of Crown Prince Shaddam. Shaddam, now under the name of Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV, gave Fenring the title of Imperial Spice Minister and ordered him to supervise the project.

In 10,174 A.G., Ajidica secretly commenced with his own plans to build his own personal empire, based on the synthetic spice. A Face Dancer called Zoal was intended to infiltrate the very heart of Emperor Shaddam's Imperial Palace (but failed and was killed by Count Fenring), and unknown numbers of other Face Dancers were dispatched beyond the borders of the Imperium in preparation. At least some of these were later discovered by the Unknown Enemy, who "improve" them over time for their own plans to extinguish mankind.

Although Ajidica managed to create an artificial melange (which he called "ajidamal", or "amal") that seemed to have the original's properties, it didn't work properly. The test-sandtrouts exploded, and Fenring's test of its use on Guild Navigators ended in catastrophe as one Heighliner was destroyed (along with its passengers) and the Navigator of a second died. When Duke Leto Atreides invaded Xuttuh in 10,175 A.G. and reestablished Prince Rhombur of House Vernius as the Earl of Ix, all the records of Project Amal were destroyed by Fenring.

When the news hit the Landsraad, Shaddam denied all participation, claiming never to have heard of it. He maintained that it was all probably something his senile father Elrood had done in his last days. The Tleilaxu Masters involved were finally executed. Ajidica himself had died from the side effects of ajidamal.

In "Sandworms of Dune", Ajidica is also revealed to be the original creator of the improved Face Dancers.

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