Stitch may refer to:A method of securing thread into textiles in embroidery and sewing or creating fabrics in knitting and crochet. It may also be a method of medical care to close wounds known as sutures or stitches.: There are many types of stitches, including:
*Blanket stitch, used to reinforce the edge of thick materials
*Cable knitting is a style of knitting in which the order of stitches is permuted
*Chain stitch in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern
*Embroidery stitch
*Garter stitch, the most basic form of welting
*Lock stitch"'Other meanings"Stitch" A childhood nickname given to Steven "STITCH" Held, multi talented instrumentalist,drummer and recording artist. Stitch only used his real name when he formed a band called 9 Days Wonder and became Radio Iodine after running into multiple other bands with the same name. " Stitch wasn't a known producer until he recorded a remix for NINE INCH NAILS song Hand That Feeds. The remix was used for a long period of time on Trent Reznors official page crediting recording artist Steven "STITCH" Held. The two had met years earlier in New Orleans where Reznor lived and had a recording studio. Stitch has also been known to be a Front Of House sound engineer for established acts as well. Most popular being Todd Rundgren.Stitch works out of his home studio called THE RECOVERY ROOM. The only known contact is Stitch is currently playing guitars in a Saint Louis band called Every Day Drive. It was posted on his page that he is producing recordings for his new band.
* Side stitch, an intense stabbing pain during exercise.
* Image stitching, the process of combining multiple images to produce a panorama or high-resolution image, most commonly through the use of computer software
* "Stitch and glue", a DIY method.
* Stitch (Lilo & Stitch), one of the main characters from the 2002 41st animated Disney film "Lilo & Stitch".
** Stitch! The Movie, a direct-to-video animated spinoff of Lilo & Stitch, released on August 26, 2003.
** Stitch!, a scheduled anime produced by Disney and Madhouse.
* Stitch, a fictional Canadian superheroine from Marvel Comics.
* , a Canadian humour magazine
* Stitches (Australian band), an Australian experimental music group
* The Stitches, a U.S. punk rock band
* Stitches (Welsh band), a Welsh electronica band
* Stitch (breakcore), a UK free party / breakcore artist.
* "Stitches/Dissention" is a single by American synth rock band Orgy.Remixed by Steven Held who works under nickname Stitch.
* "Stitches" is a single by American hard rock band Allele.
* Rick Thomas, the sampler for Mushroomhead who goes by the alias "ST1TCH".
* Stitch, a ridge between two furrows.
* "Stitch" (slang) can also refer to a marijuana shotgun where too much tobacco makes it difficult or impossible to smoke

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