Hickey may refer to the following:
*Hickey (surname)

Arts and entertainment

* Cheryl Hickey, (born 1976), entertainment reporter for the Global Television Network
* Dale Hickey (born 1937), Australian artist
* Dave Hickey, American art critic, author of "Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy" (1998)
* Earl Hickey fictional character in the NBC show My Name Is Earl
* Randy Hickey fictional character in the NBC show My Name Is Earl
* Eddie Hickey, US sportsman
* Ersel Hickey, rockabilly singer
* James Harden-Hickey, 19th century American writer
* Kenny Hickey
* Kieran Hickey, film producer
* Magee Hickey
* Michael Hickey, US screenwriter
* Tom Hickey, Irish actor, famous for his role in "The Riordans"
* Thomas Hickey (1741-1842), Irish painter
* William Hickey (actor)
* William Hickey (memoirist)
* Hickey was also the name of a melodic punk rock band from San Francisco in the mid 1990s.


* Colin Hickey, Australian speed skater
* Denis Hickie, Irish international Rugby Union
* Jarrad Hickey, (born 1985), Australian Rugby League player
* Jim Hickey (American football)
* Jim Hickey (baseball coach)
* Miriam Hickey US Soccer player
* Noah Hickey, New Zealand football (soccer) player
* Noel Hickey, Irish sports man
* Pat Hickey, (born 1953), Canadian Ice Hockey player
* Red Hickey, (1917 - 2006), athlete, played American Football.
* Reg Hickey, player and coach for Geelong in Australian rules football
* Leo Hickey, Gaelic Footballer, Dublin, All Ireland Champions 1963
* Robert Hickey Former Tall-Blacks Basketball Player

Politics and law

* Bonnie Hickey, Canadian politician
* James Hickey (Irish politician)
* John J. Hickey, American politician
* William Hickey (mayor) Superior Court Judge, Ex-Mayor of Stamford, CT
* Robert Hickey Former Tall-Blacks Basketball Player


*Prof. John Hickey was a 20th century Chief of Cardiology at the St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia.
* Timothy J. Hickey US Computer Scientist

History and current affairs

* Colonel James Hickey (soldier), in charge of the US Special forces team which captured Saddam Hussein
* Jim Hickey (weather presenter)
* Mary Augusta Hickey, Kennedy family matriarch
* Thomas Hickey (soldier), executed for mutiny during the American Revolutionary War
*Monsignor R.M. Hickey Major born in Jacquet River, New Brunswick, Canada. Msgr. Hickey was six years Army Chaplain in WW II. He won the Military Cross on D-Day at St. Aubin, France, and was invested by the late King George VI at Buckingham Palace on July 5, 1945. He is the author of three books, "Scarlet Dawn', "My Hobbies Three" and "D-Day Memories".
*Brian C. Hickey, a captain in the FDNY, lost his life on September 11th, 2001 due to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center.
* Hickey's Bengal Gazette was the first printed newspaper to be published in the Indian sub-continent.

lang meanings of Hickey

In North American slang, "Hickey" has more than one meaning:
* Love-bite or other bruise
* Hickey is also a placeholder name used in the northeastern United States, a shortened form of the placeholder name "doo-hickey".
* A hickey is also a spot or discoloration on a press sheet due to specks of dust on a plate.
* To "look like a right Mary Hickey" was traditional Dublin, Ireland slang for somebody, male or female, who was dressed inappropriately. This term has fallen into disuse.
* A threaded electrical fitting used to connect a fixture to an outlet box.
* A pipe-bending apparatus.

Other uses

* James Cardinal Hickey Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in the USA
* Marilyn Hickey, American televangelist
* Hickey (Clothing Company) a US clothing company
* William Hickey, who died in 1727, left a bequest to build houses for the poor which still stand today in Richmond, Surrey, UK.

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